Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Trout, Less Cud

The tag-line to this blog being "Ruminations from Trout Country", thus the title here.  Fontinalis Rising was started one week ago today, so it's time for a review of our progress, successes, examine mistakes made, and set goals for the next week.
First of all, I'd like to thank all of you for your overwhelming support.  I had hoped that my friends would take a look and be entertained, and that maybe, MAYBE, some of my Facebook friends would take a look, chuckle and then get back to work.  50 hits in a week would have been nice.  Imagine my surprise when I installed the view counter today and had over 370 hits in just the first week.  So again, I thank you.  I also would like to thank Joe and Rebecca for starting OBN and including my drivel.

For all of you who may be keeping up on this, I have gotten an EPIRB signal from the Unaccomplished Angler, and we at FR have dispatched a garbage truck from Chicago to the rescue.  Oprah's garbage truck, so it smells like jasmine and honey. We'll let you know if it's just a tattered survival suit or if he's still breathing.  Whether, after a lengthy hospital stay, and years of rehabilitation he's able to return to the blogosphere remains to be seen.
found, maybe, sort of, and OWM is on its way

Fontinalis Rising Mission Statement and drumroll
Now to the point of this post, I am here going to make my commitment to excellence, my vision for Fontinalis Rising.  I promise to you the reader, that this blog will be about outdoor writing excellence, that on a regular basis you will find entertaining, informative, and above all, well-written posts that even my non-outdoor friends will enjoy.  Yes, I will have to do what I've been doing, which is sitting down and banging out these 20 minute missives, and yes, it appears that I will have to use this as a means to stay continually engaged with the rest of the OBN blogosphere, but on a regular basis, I will post thoughtful, well-written posts (to the best of my ability) that I have actually put some work into.  I will share as much of my outdoor experiences with you as I can, I will diligently photograph and share, I will do some outdoor reporting, I will strive to make this a place you look forward to checking each week.
And the next time I am tempted to say something negative about another blogger or their work, I will ask myself WWAVD: that's right- "What Would April Vokey Do?".  Which is of course, is to be nice as pie and go fishing.

The Rest of This is OBN Business, for Those Of You Who Have Better Things To Do

This is in response to the OBN writing prompt concerning "Meet Your Favorite Blogger"

It's a little embarassing to admit that before last week, about the only blogs I had ever read anywhere were flyshop/guide fishing reports.  Finding OBN and clicking around this last week has been like finding a home; the down side of all this is that  I'm still getting to know you all and trying to figure out who I've even read so far.  I'm apologizing in advance to all the great writers and bloggers on this forum who I haven't gotten to.

My List, such as It Is.
1.  Kirk Werner ("I demand satisfaction") of the Unaccomplished Angler.  I could sit and read his stuff all day, the kind of writing that I really enjoy.  I'm hoping he'll write a book for grown-ups.
2. Rebecca Garlock of the Outdooress- it was your post last week about OBN that got me into this; and I must admit that I'm a little fascinated by women who love the outdoors of their own volition, and wonder if the motivations are the same.
3. Joe of- you know, Joe, the other founder of OBN, in gratitude as well.  I'll figure out which blog is yours and read it soon.
4. Harold Levett of Wind Knots & Tangled Lines and
5. Jay of The Naturalist's Angle for their early support, they seem like nice guys.
6. Mike Schmidt of Angler's Choice Flies, so I can steal some tying ideas.

My apologies to Coyote Luke of Most Things Custom  for not making the list- I see way too much of your scary hide as it is.

So, who knows what the next week will bring.  Will this blogger slide back into the oblivion from whence he came?  Will there be an uprising of the OBN bloggers to overthrow the regime?  Will Rebecca and Joe go quietly, or will they serve out the rest of their terms and not run for re-election?

Wait, that's Egypt



  1. Clearly you are a desperate, lonely soul, likely a shut-in due to severe winter weather as well. Don't worry, once the spring thaw hits and you can get outside with your fly rod things will get better, and you'll see the error of your ways in having listed The Unaccomplished Angler at the top of your list. If I had a list, Rebecca would be at the top. I recommend you do a bit of shuffling.

  2. You could put me at the top. Thanks for including me.

  3. I guess that was the problem with numbering them- It was certainly not a ranking, so much as you all are the only ones I've had time to check out. I still have a day job. Sort of.

  4. thanks for the honorable mention, though not necessary, as you do see my ugly hide often enough in person.

  5. I like the numerical ranking and shall continue to interpret it as such. Still, you'd be wise to move Rebecca to the number one spot.

  6. I like you already. Despite your connections to Jay and Kirk. :P

  7. Thanks for the recognition. I see I'm floating around with the all the other flotsam and jetsam of the fly fishing world. By the way, my ex-mother-in-law called me Harold once...Once!

  8. @ Cofisher- duly noted. I'm new around here. I just went by the name on your profile. What do they call you, just Cofisher?


  9. I thought I left an earlier comment here? Did the ravenous comment monster come and take my comment away?

  10. @T. Lauria- the term glass houses comes irresistably to mind. I'm sure we have all had frustrating moments we were glad a camera wasn't around. FR