Monday, February 28, 2011

This Week in FR....

Just a quick post to prep you for the week.  Tomorrow I'll continue my Anglers Year series, then Wednesday will be a new feature I hope becomes regular- Give-Away Wednesday!!, so stay tuned for that, then Friday is the next big article on catch and release, my take, kind of scary- you'll have to be the judge.  I'm trying mix fun and interactive posts with the "hard" writing.  It should be a fun week, this weeks give away is for all you steelheaders and spring trout fishermen out there, so be sure to check back Wednesday and sign up.

Here's a pic from my place on the weekend.

And yes, I made it out after steelhead once this week, the first time in TWO MONTHS.  Definitely not on track for that 100 day mark I mentioned earlier.  I managed to roll two fish first thing, but no love.  Great to be back on the water on a sunny afternoon.  Here's my knuckle buster- note the hard steel where a handle should be. (Note to Ross- I love your reels, but can't believe you couldn't send a handle instead of me having to mail my reel to you in the middle of salmon/streamer/fall steelhead season... tsk tsk.)

Finally, for you internet purists out there, please note that I pulled the ads- they weren't doing anything for me anyhow.  Hope it cleans up the look and enhances the experience for you.



  1. Looking forward to all that comes our way.
    What kind of rod is that attached to your reel?

  2. Looking forward to what the week brings. Tough on the handle, but I'm sure you can MacGyver something.

  3. @Jay- it's a Flextec rod from England, which I plan to malign repeatedly from this blog.
    @Trout- I MacGyvered keeping my knuckles clear when those salmon run LOL! it has drawn some blood tho.

  4. Well, bring it on brother...I'm ready for some serious stuff.

  5. Your pics are fantastic! We hope to reach a 100 days on the water this year too; its a big challenge, but will be time well spent!