Friday, February 4, 2011

Writing Prompt; What Was I Thinking?

I'm afraid I'm posting this at the risk of treading on the turf of Rebecca and Joe.

I had a couple unexpected weeks off, and decided that, having lots of material and hooks, I'd sell a few flies on Ebay.  No this is not a plug.  I'm not very Ebay savvy YET, and therefore have sold 19 dozen flies for an average of about $3 a dozen.  Now I'm tying dozens of soft hackles for the sheer what of it.  I bought a couple of those cheap packs of Hungarian Partridge, and alot of the feathers seem to still have the bird attached; I sorted through one whole bag of airborne fluff just to get 3 dozen feathers.  What was I thinking?

my cell, with ipod

So, If you've ever had one, if not many, of those moments, please feel free to share.  It can be anything, from buying a puppy to inviting that traveling companion when you knew better, whatever.

And if this is a job better left to the Powers that Be, maybe offer it as a suggestion.  If the couple of members who are keeping in touch want to participate, maybe follow the same format of writing it, posting it, and sharing a link in the comments.


  1. Your little cell looks very nicely stocked... however, it reminds me a bit of the isolation desks they used for "I.S.S." (in school suspension) in the Memphis City Schools. I never got stuck in ISS as a student, but I sent a few students there as a teacher. I don't think I could send myself there for fly tying either, but if it helps you focus... go with what works.
    I'm still thinking about "what I was thinking."

  2. I do have a nice view out the window to the right of a river and marsh- lots of swans including trumpeter, goldeneye, merganser, and always the eagles.

  3. I'm such a knucklehead- I just found the spot for this on the forum- could have spared a post n gave it a rest.

  4. I live in an more urban environment... I get gray squirrels, Mourning doves, Cardinals, and lots of house sparrows. We get the occasional raptor- Mississippi Kites, Cooper's hawks (one killed prey in my yard- small songbird not sure), and the ubiquitous Red-tails.
    I wish I could see water out my window... if i could I might need the isolation booth just to stay focused.

  5. Jay- people call me Jay also by the way. Do I have the perfect vacation home for you. I live in Nature Central, and it's odd, living so close to town, and having Coyotes, Gray foxes,mink and otters run right through the yard.