Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brian Kozminski- the Latest Fly Giveaway Winner

That's right, this weeks fly giveaway winner is Brian Kozminski, which should save me a stamp.  Congratulations Brian.  I hope they bring you steelhead success.   These are all great spring patterns that the fish go nuts on.  If you catch fish I demand pictures.

I must confess, I had company over for dinner and so was unable to use Lorin the Drawing Girl for tonights drawing- my apologies to her.  I took the easy route and used a Random Number Generator from the comfort of my own home.  I'll try to make an event out of a drawing soon.  Speaking of which, the next drawing will be for streamers and will start on Wednesday April 6, so look for it.  Thank you all for your participation.


    We must share some water in the near future~ this is way better than my final four teams not going anywhere. This weeks temps may keep some fish stationary, next week we hit the moving water~

  2. You got it Koz. The weather should warm up and kick it off. We'll find some.


  3. To be honest I once set goals both at work, and during my fishing life.
    But now I'm of a certain age, I just let things happen. If I keep doing the right kind of things, it kinda works out ok.