Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Croff Craft Chronicles- First Iteration

 In my last "Outdoor Profile" post I had mentioned we would be following the building of the next wood drift boat over at Croff Craft, and so it begins.  Being the early stages of the build, you can just see a vague outline of the boat, a curved wood floor with the bow stem in place, but already it's promising.  All cedar construction which finished will make for a stunning look. 

Phil has some custom  touches in store that are going to be absolutely beautiful, which I can't wait to show.  I'm going to end this series with a photo montage of this boat from start to finish.  The initial stages were proprietary- no cameras allowed, so this is where we start- the floor with the bow stem in place.  The side panels will be added soon and it will really start to take shape.  I may do several posts a week, as this boat is going to come together fast.

To the right are the chair frames. This is a three seat boat.  The seats are rope and Phil has some innovations of his own with these- he uses a rather fine rope finely spaced and stretched tightly.  The result is an extremely comfortable seat with no pressure points.  Can you say "all day comfort"?


  1. this is actually VERY exciting!! Thank you for following the in-depth process involved in this wonderful work of art~
    Tight Lines!

  2. Thanks for sharing the process. I look forward to seeing the boat unfold.

  3. @Todd- thanks for following it. I'll try to get another post done this week on it, but it depends on the boat builder a little. He keeps getting side work!