Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee

Ahhhhh.....good morning....yawn, stretch, scratch,, definitely needs must coffee.  Wait-  mmmm... that's better.  You can smell it can't you?  It's french press- my morning tradition.  MMMaaannnn is that good.  I have an extra cup here- want some?  Ok.  There you go.  Let's talk.
Well, that was an exciting weekend- I survived the big catch and release post and I'm pleasantly surprised at the positive response.  I found out that it had been posted on the Michigan Sportsman forum with some interesting member comments here.
I think I could sum up that whole post by saying that while there is a lot of low moral ground on that issue, there is no high moral ground- we all catch and release whether we like it or not because the law says so, and we all kill fish whether we like it or not because of the inherent mortality.  When you remove the notion of taking the high ground from the mix, we're then left with being able to make a rational decision on whether to keep or release fish depending on the situation, the species, and the fishery, rather than being wedded to a specific philosophy.  What? You haven't finished that cup of coffee and I'm giving you a headache? Sorry.  Let me top that off.  Better?
Moving on.  I was very pleasantly surprised to go catch up on my Troutrageous! reading only to find I was the recipient of some blog love- that explains the huge spike in views on Wednesday.  And I thought it was my pretty face.  Thanks Mike- I'll take all the love I can get on this end, I just hope to be able to give back some day, somehow.
The drawing was a big success (for the winner) and I realized too late that I should have advertised that we would be posting to Facebook live as it progressed.  My thanks to those who just happened to be tuned in at the right time- you all helped make it fun.  Some guy named Shane won it, but I can't contact him through his comment- there has to be a better way to handle entries- any suggestions?  My thanks as well to Keith, Amy, Lorin, and Jayme for being such good sports and letting me take over their house for an evening.  Keith and I are plotting kayaking trips and trips to Colorado.
my best kayaking friend Keith
It looks like I have posts happening daily this week, with a possible response to the Unaccomplished Angler's post on stupid fly fishing cars and how mine might qualify, and a surprise announcement later in the week, but....

I just want to address one issue- this is not a "selling" blog, but, if you check my mission statement, I have said that I will be doing product reviews and covering the people and businesses I believe in.  (I think I said that... I meant that)  Our outdoor experiences enrich our lives, and I want to highlight here those things that enrich my outdoor experience.  So this week I'll be highlighting two people and businesses you should know about.  I'm doing a feature Wednesday on a good friend who has a great product for fly tyers and I'm coupling it with a give-away contest.  Whoever wins this one will definitely agree that it's the single best thing they've ever added to their bench besides their vise itself. I'll also be featuring my favorite fly shop this week, so look for it.  I have not been solicited by either one for coverage-  these are things that I believe in and love.  I will be adding links to my site and it will be a list that will be increasingly hard to get on.  I will probably add a page to give props to other blogs and businesses that I like or have been helpful, but I want to stay true to that original vision for this blog.

Bloggers take note- I'm adding a book to my Fontinalis Reader page that is for you, and may seem a little strange.  It's called "For Entrepreneurs Only" by Wilson Harrell.  What does this have to do with you?  In my view, if you are a blogger, you are an entrepreneur period, whether you benefit fiscally from your blog or not.  I don't know about you, but I experience an overwhelming wave of stark raving terror (his words, my feelings) every time I hit the "Publish" button.  Mr. Harrell addresses that issue, how to deal with it, and how not to drive your family and friends crazy with it in the opening chapters.  The rest of the book may or may not apply to you, but give it a read.  I'm also giving a shout out to Mr. Steven Rinella as the best outdoor author to come along in a decade- I love everything he writes.  I still have yet to see his show.  It's called.... something.... on  I better do some homework.

All right- coffee is done.  Let's get after it.....


  1. Nice french press! The only way coffee tastes better is over an open fire~ keep the good writes up, nice Monday morning read, getting ready to hit some moving water~
    Tight Lines,

  2. Wow, you get fancy with your monday morning coffee! Mine consists of a 60/40 hazelnut/columbian blend from 7/11

  3. Coffee? Not me. Mountain Dew. But a good french roast does smell good, I must admit.

  4. Sounds like a busy week ahead. Good way to start it out right.

  5. I don't do coffee! I do a 5 hour energy and I on my way

  6. Scary, Mike and I both drink Dew. Can you say caffeine rush? You are doing a great job and fans will discover you.

  7. psst....
    This comment is to let you know that you are one of this weeks featured Outdoor Bloggers on the Outdoor Blogger Network.
    The announcement post is up and great job on your blog....we've been watching you!
    Rebecca and Joe

  8. Thank you all again for your comments- I've had my coffee grinder for 18 years and it's still going strong. @Joe and Rebecca- I'm honored- I'll have to check it out. Thank you thank you thank you- I know you both work very hard for this network, and I'm just thankful I saw Rebecca's post in January on Facebook about OBN and that gong went off in my head....It's still ringing.


  9. One down to one cup a day now, or I'm bouncing off the roof, and I hate putting the tiles back on in the cold!!