Sunday, March 6, 2011

We Have a Winner!!!

FR reporter J
Blogging is a huge responsibility- the sleepless nights, the bloody finger tips- it's a labor of love.  I was forced to add another staff member- Jayme, to be the official reporter and paparazza.  She's already leveraging her position at FR for more money before the next contest.  We're in negotiations.  I've instructed HR that I'll negotiate this personally.

I wasn't nearly as prepared as I wanted- the flies weren't done, and Lorin went to the store and was late coming back, but somehow it all came together.  If I were smart I would have advertised that we were doing this live on Facebook- it has so much potential.  Anyhow, this was a blast to do and I want to thank Jayme and Lorin for their help, and I would like to thank the Academy....
Lo with the setup

All right, without further ado- the winner is Shane! Commenter number 11, as determined by Keith's bingo ball cage wheel thingy (who keeps that kind of thing in their house, anyways?) as operated by our very own Lorin the Drawing Girl.  Shane- congratulations, and please contact me at to claim your prize.

We have a winner!

Don't forget- this weeks Wednesday give-away is a must have for my fly tying friends- don't miss out!

Thanks to all who entered and to the rest of you not named Shane- sorry you lost!!

the Grand prize!


  1. Congrats Shane! How much did you offer her?

  2. That was just please put my order in for those dozen eggs before you start Cofisher's large order... Thx!! :)

  3. Shane had better claim these things or I'll be forced to send them to The River Damsel. There must be a better way of handling entries.

  4. Good job on the drawing and this post. Good imagination.

  5. Sweet! This is awesome, I never win anything like this. Very excited to get out and fish them. Just sent FR an email to claim them, got busy with work and haven't been keeping up with reading the blog.

  6. Congrats Shane, I'll throw in a few extra. The River Damsel did that.... Damsel thing and I sent the flies to her. I'll tie you up some fresh ones and send them hot off the press.

    Tight Lines!!