Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You're Doing It Wrong

You're doing it wrong (clip).There, I said it.  Deal with it.  Get over it and catch some fish.

You're fishing too close to the access.

You're learning to cast while learning to fish.

You're too concerned with "pretty casting".

You're trying to teach your spouse/significant other to fly fish instead of gifting them a lesson.

You're spending too much money on gear and not enough on fishing.

You're not spending enough money on gear.

You're stuck on the same tired methodology and won't experiment.

You don't take enough pictures.

You don't cover enough water.

You don't cover water thoroughly enough.

You're afraid of the woods.

You're afraid of the animals.

You're afraid of the dark.

You're afraid to get into fly tying.

You won't hire a guide.

You won't take a class.

You don't change your flies often enough.

You haven't tried streamers.

You don't fish big enough streamers.

You don't plan well enough.

You haven't tried a new river.

You won't fish for new species.

You haven't tried it in a new province or state.

You haven't taken a kid fishing.

You complain about the DNR instead of pitching in and helping.

You don't get involved.

You've forgotten that fishing is supposed to be fun and not an extension of the petty and competitive society we live in.

You're not fishing right now.


  1. I feel so ashamed...I think I'll go buy a new reel.

  2. Really enjoy reading your blogs! Heading fishing in the morning, taking a new comer to the sport, to a river system i fell in love with last year, putting to use all the knowledge I've gather over the winter from a guide and a fly tyer, & using a bunch of new gear. If i catch a steelhead that will be a bonus. If the fella I'm taking catches one, that will be an accomplishment.

  3. @be.lldogg- Sounds like you're doing the right things. I'd hate to admit the number or those things I'm guilty of, except for the first- I've never been guilty of fishing close to the access.

  4. You talkin' about me?
    Nice post.

  5. Damn, now you're gettin' all deep thinkin' and thought provocatin'...Causin' me to be reflectin' and stuff. Did I misspell anything?

  6. It's like being caught doing 60 in a 40. bang to rights!!

  7. @Jay- I tried to read your snake post last night, but I'm going to have to set an appointment, good read so far.
    @Kirk- far be it from me to correct anyones spellin

  8. Super post. I'm guilty of some of the above; I'm yet to fish a streamer! -stephanie

  9. ...then I'm doing so much so wrong. But frankly, I don't give a damn; I'm having a good time doing it. Stuff I can ponder when I'm retired and have plenty o' time to fish. Good thoughts...

  10. I am guilty of none of these things.

  11. I'm definitely not concerned about pretty casting...haha I better go fish tomorrow to take that last one off the list!! LOL. I'm happy to say that there is only one that applies to me...guess which one?

  12. Yep, the only one that applies...being a-fraidy cat when it comes to fly tyin'!! Go figure...I'd rather fish in the dark with rocks being thrown at me than tie flies.

  13. @Damsel- nothing to tying- a couple techniques and some videos on Youtube and you're all set. Don't take it up now though- too much fishing to do. Wait til late fall.