Monday, April 4, 2011

Cardboard Angler Eaten by Goat

Where does the time go? It's time for Monday Morning Coffee again.  Yawn, stretch...yeah, you know the drill.  I actually was able to sneak in 2 outings this weekend- an evening float Friday that lasted well after dark, and the one I posted about Saturday.  I had to do a quick trip down state and back yesterday.  We got a little wet ugly snow so that winter could remind us she's not so easily forgotten.  I also went and bought my new fishing license Thursday night so that I don't pull an "Ed"- April 1 is always the date here that you need the new one.

I once again am being forced to send out a little blog love, this time to whoever is at Under The Riffles.  I purposely didn't contact them before posting this, as I'm enjoying the mystery of who it could be- they seem to keep it pretty anonymous over there. 

Self-described as a fly fishing lifestyle blog, UTR seems to especially be concerned with steelhead, and I'm happy to see that they/he/she embrace(s) West Coast and Great Lakes steelhead, which makes me think they're from Michigan.  Under The Riffles is what I call a news gathering blog, with information, video, pictures and so on gathered from around the fly fishiverse and presented succinctly in a reader friendly manner.  In my little bit of poking around I've found some original content such as interviews and gear reviews and so on, so there's lots to keep you busy, and lots more for me to explore.  During the couple of days between visits to UTR last week I was very pleasantly surprised to see Fontinalis Rising added to their blogroll (I had already planned this post, but it didn't hurt.).  Check them out this week if you get the chance, I'll try to find out who it is.

Personally I find the West Coast/Great Lakes steelhead debate as to who does or does not have real steelhead a bit of quaint regionalism.  It takes me back to my New York days, when I would meet people from around the US who would tell me where they were from and then add "God's country".  Yeah, sure Nebraska is God's country, everyone knows that.  My take is that if it quacks like a duck and swims like a steelhead,  then maybe there really is something wrong with all that genetically modified food they keep warning us about.  I'll probably write a piece on that eventually.
my Joby

 So this week I'll continue to follow the drift boat build over at Croff Craft, and for the next four months weeks of my non working life will be all about the fishing- I'm sick of recycling last years fish pictures, I have a new Joby tripod to try out and I'm itching to get into some fish.  Warm rain and weather is forecast for the coming weekend which means one thing- the steelhead should go nuts.  I'm also working on my first gear review, so look for that.

Well, here's to a great week- let's get after it.

Oh, I was just joking about that whole goat business.


  1. Thank you for the blog love. Keep up the good writing.

  2. FR, I'm glad to hear someone got out besides UA.