Friday, April 15, 2011

Croff Craft Chronicles: Form

After a brief interruption the build is back on.  Building a drift boat is a study in form and symmetry, the love of wood and good tools.  It's about dreams of floating down a river on warm summer days with a cooler, two friends and some fly rods.  Building anything is about hope, but building a drift boat is a very special kind of hope- the hope of whole days spent listening to a river whispering sweet nothings in your ear, not just to fish for trout, but to really see a river, let it take you where it will and show you its true self.  A wood drift boat is a natural object, shaped and honed to nestle gently into a river, not to defeat it, but work with it, play on it, to become another bubble on its surface, to carry us in that bubble, keep us in it for the day and release us sun-rouged, trout-odored and happy.

I see all of that and more in this boat.  In this rough form I see the hazy outline of streamer floats, afternoons full of brook trout, nights spent roll casting a pillow-on-a-hook for browns, shore lunches, salmon madness, carp stalking, and steelhead dreams.  It's going to be a great boat, you can see it all in this form.

slot canyon or drift boat?
it was only half a boat this morning


  1. Looks great - can't wait to see it finished.


  2. I love those sun-rouged and trout-odored days.

  3. How cool is that to build your own boat. Everything I build looks like an ashtray.

  4. @Cofisher- is that a sign it's time to quit smoking? I'm just blessed to have some very talented and dedicated friends whose story I'm priveleged to share. And fish with.

  5. Seriously digging your photography skills, great eye! The Croft Craft is pure art in B/W.

  6. @ Patrick- much appreciated. I'm really enjoying this project, glad you approve. I'll keep it coming.

  7. We have to go meet this guy. I'm thinking of building my own this summer for the Sturg and want to get a good idea of what I'm getting myself into before I invest in the labor of love.

    1. I know Phil very well, and he is a top-notch builder. You may be better off putting in some overtime than building your own boat.