Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee-April 11

If todays coffee looks a little garish, well, it feels a little garish.  All night wind and thunder can give you some strange dreams.  Hard to believe another Monday has come round, but here it is.
The fishing has definitely picked up around here, which helps explain the dearth of posting on my part.  Those of you connected with me on Facebook have doubtless seen this weeks pictures, but I'm going to share a couple here anyway- it was a great week of fishing and even better one for photography.  I'm really proud of a couple of these shots.  They're at the bottom of this post.

We received over an inch of rain Saturday which has blown out even the small streams, so maybe I can get some typing done the next couple of days while the rivers come down.

I finally finished and posted last night my review of my beloved Peak Rotary Vise and have added links to Peak.  If you're looking for a vise definitely consider this one, and if you're looking for something less expensive then check out their non-rotary vise.  For about $80 you can't go wrong, and I don't think you'll get much of anything worth tying on for less than that.

I had promised another post last week on the latest wood drift boat build from Croff Craft and I'm hoping to do so this week.  Some things like work, fishing and sickness have interfered with progress, but as soon as it moves forward I'll get something up.

For those with an eye for detail, you may have noticed that I did indeed add a Jealousy Counter to the sidebar.  It tracks the number of times I've been fishing this year.  Standing at 8 so far, I doubt it would instill a whole lot of jealousy in anyone, but expect that number to climb steadily now that warm weather and productive fishing have arrived.

Ok, here's some pictures.  Expect more and bigger fish in the weeks to come, it's just getting started here in Trout Country.

Proudly wearing my TFM colors
nice small stream buck

my coolest shot of the week- what a great fish!


  1. I'd say that last photo is better than coolest shot of the week, at least month! That is one stellar photo. Good eye!

  2. I just dropped in for a minute to say hi and have a cup with you. I really like the photos...good work.

  3. Nice pics. Rain is the part of spring I don't care for... a necessary evil, but it ruins way too many fishing days.