Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee- April 18

ahhhhh.....the agony.  Yawn, stretch, scratch, repeat..... Monday again?  Is it April? or February?  Because it's getting hard to tell.  There's two inches of snow clinging stubbornly to the ground and the forecast is for a major winter storm tomorrow night with significant snowfall.  You've got to be kidding me.

Now, one of the oddities (to my mind) of life in Trout Country here, is how much the residents complain about the weather.  It never ends and is constant.  I would have thought they were used to and expecting the cold hard winter.  Wait until this summer comes and it hits 85 degrees- I'll hear nothing but complaining about how hot it is.  I must admit however, that when winter wants to hang on this long she has overstayed her welcome by some measure.  I've already cleared my throat a couple times and said "Oh dear, look at the time...".  But as with any clueless guest I think I may have actually come out and say something.  So here goes.

 Winter- I know that you are necessary and even good.  You are very, very beautiful in your own special way- No, I really  mean that.  You're just as pretty as the other seasons, of course you are.  It's been nice having you for all of these months.  And months.  But trout season opens week after next, and we haven't even had a proper steelhead season yet.  Oh, don't get upset just because I'm asking you to leave- you know it has to end sometime.  I know- I know that you're having fun and don't want to go... what?  That's how you're going to play it?  Real mature, start throwing things.  All right, get it out of your system, have one more fling.  Trash the place, we'll clean up.  But when you're finished Wednesday, grab your coat and don't let the door hit you on your way out.

Wow that wasn't easy- it seems like I always get the hard jobs.  Have you ever had to explain to someone why they're not "photogenic"?  Moving on.

I was sick all last week right through the weekend, and working 11 hour days, so not much fishing got done- one cold fruitless trip Wednesday night.  My weekend float was cancelled due to illness.  I did manage to get some bench time in and hope that continues.  The pace has definitely picked up on the boat build over at Croff Craft, so look for at least one and probably two posts on that.  I tied up a nice looking bevy of Zoo Cougars this weekend including this 4" articulated job that I have high hopes for.  This weeks FR Fly Tying Tip of the Week- never shave deer hair heads wearing fleece pajamas.  Consider yourself warned.  However, I'm pretty pleased with these ties, and so I'm considering giving a few away starting Wednesday, so look for that.  What do you think-  the Zoo Cougar color collection?  Or a broader set of streamers?  I'll give away 6 on Wednesday.  You're not getting that articulated one, though.
prediction: this one catches the brown of the year

Mike Davis over at Life on the Fly will be hosting a trip to the Nicholas Dean Lodge in BC- we're waiting for him to come out with dates, but if you've always wanted to fish steelhead and salmon in their native setting, you couldn't ask for a better place.  It's definitely on my must-do list.  I'll share that one as soon as the details gel.

Did I mention how good this coffee is?  It's Sumatra, and I ground it fresh myself.  But it's almost done, and I have a 12 hour work day.  Something about not showing up Saturday because I couldn't breathe.  So let's get after it.....

I'm calling this one Wolf Man Jack


  1. I think your prediction is right. That looks like a brown trout tractor beam. Great looking flies.


  2. great looking cougars. do i see a red hook on the brown of the year?

  3. Thanks Ben. Ivan- yes that's a red Gamakatsu finesse hook.

  4. You're right about people complaining no matter what the temperature is. Here we get 100+ in the summer (minus the humidity), but the complaints are are just as bad. A Wolfman Jack fly. How cool. Bet a lot of followers don't remember him. I, being old, can remember him when he broadcast from south of the border because no one wanted him in the US. Don't forget him in American Graffiti. He was, "The Wolfman".


  5. Good job Shoreman on getting the reference- I figured that might skate over a lot of heads. I don't remember him that distinctly, but will never forget that voice.