Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee (break)- April 25

 Wow, am I late with the coffee today. It's incredibly good though.  Today's coffee is Komodo blend, french press of course.  I'm sitting here, way too late in the morning, trying to break through the crust of my brain.  What happened?

Excuses Excuses.  I have them.  It's too cold, the water's too high, the fish are late, I'm late.   Yawwwwawwwn! Is it Monday already?  I think I need to go back to work just to rest up.  I did indeed fish a lot this weekend.  Found very few fish.  Had some adventures.  I finally got Cardboard Kirk out.  I went smelt dipping for the first time in 24 years- the first time there has been runs of any size since then.  It was a blast from the past and a lot of fun.

Oh, and I have contest winners to announce.  Last weeks giveaway was a set of 6 of my favorite streamers. Congratulations to commenter # 8 Pat, and since I promised to draw two winners this week, congratulations also to commenter #12 Dustin's Fly Box.  Send an address to and I'll get those right out to you.

So what's on tap for this week you ask?  Well, I'll have yet another Croff Craft Chronicles post, I'll document my time with Cardboard Kirk, I'll be working on some technical changes for the benefit of all, and it looks like I'll be doing a solo kayak trip Friday into a wilderness area for the Saturday trout season opener here in Michigan, unless my buddy Keith decides he can make it.  I don't care for the solo trips as much as I used to- I feel increasingly mortal as time goes on, but sometimes a man has to do.  It's a reasonably calm stretch of water with some great fishing, so we'll see what happens.  Hard to believe that Sunday will be May 1, so look for the latest installment on my Anglers Year series.
sunset last night was gorgeous

Well, spring is doggedly making it's debut despite the cold, and I have a new job to start.  Let's get after it.


  1. Though no fishing here — prepped the yard for my week-long Opening Day fishing trip in a week — I’m also resting at work…gotta rest up to maximize time on the water from sunup to sundown. And boy, that last photo looks like late spring in the Sierra High Country.

    BTW, thank you in advance for the streamers! Already planning a special trip or two during which I can put ‘em to good use…

  2. Hope Springs Eternal...or something like that. Spring has certainly taken it's sweet time getting here int he NW as well, and in fact has only made week, fleeting attempts at that. There is room for improvement and nothing is fishable yet. Good to see you're getting at it.

  3. Glad to hear someone else out there prefers their coffee out of a French Press. Every time I tell some one around here about how much better it tastes than drip coffee, they look at me like I am a space alien. Good luck out on your solo Kayak trip. Sounds like it will be a sweet adventure. Just curious, Do you live anywhere near Bulah, Michigan? I have family there and they are always telling me to come up and catch some steely's on the spawn.

  4. When you're out there doing the solo yak thing, don't forget a PFD. Us old guys don't float as well as we used to.


  5. @Magee- Beulah is 2 hours south of me, but it is definitely in MI's steelhead heartland. You should come try it at least once.
    @Kirk- finally a nice day today, but rain for the rest of the week. I'll make one more go of it before sending CUA on his way.
    @Shoreman- I definitely take extra precautions before heading out alone, but if I waited on others before heading out I wouldn't have a blog. Thanks for the concern, I'll try to stay out of the papers.