Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee- May 2

So look, I did five posts this weekend- FIVE.  I have to get some early morning steelhead fishing in before work and then get to two jobs today.  It's going to be a long day, a long week.  So here's a cup of coffee on me.  It's very hot, very delish, so sip it, savor it, and if you like, take a look at what I've posted already.  I did a new post on the drift boat build at Croff Craft, two this weekend on the new whitewater park (on a fly fishing blog? I know, but the pictures in yesterdays post are killer) in Petoskey, yesterday I continued the Anglers Year series on cute little May, and Friday I finally published the shocking untold story of Cardboard Kirk with some juicy gossip he told me about Rebecca and The River Damsel, so check it out.

Some of you may have noticed that I didn't do my overnight kayak/fly fishing extravaganza, solo or otherwise- it got postponed due to high water and scheduling.

I'm going to go way, waaay off topic and send a little blog love out to Betsy at bRaYcon Love.  It's not an outdoors blog, but if you love good writing, check it out.  I've long had this gripe that Michigan is sadly lacking in literary culture- even Steven Rinella moved to Montana, or is it New York now?  Michigan is full of stories that no one is telling, and Betsy has gotten in on the ground level.  Her latest post is called "The Decapitation" and if that doesn't get your interest I don't know what will.  I loved "The Butcher", an inside look at growing up here and a coming of age of sorts.  bRaYcon Love is only six posts long, so check them all out.  I hope she'll keep writing.

All right I'm off, but before I go, I can't resist posting a couple more pictures from this weekend.

All right, I'm out the door.  I have steelhead to catch.  Let's get after it.


  1. Good Luck with the steelhead catching. Yeah those pics from the whitewater park are great. Still trying to convince the Mrs. to get me, I mean my son a kayak for his Birthday:)

  2. Enjoy the coffee...I hope you got into some fish this morning...keep the whitewater pics coming, looks amazing!

  3. Enjoying my morning coffee --- Scandinavian Roast -- as I read. Cheers! And, looks like a great adventure!

  4. No wonder you drink so much coffee!!! You are writing 5 posts in a short period of time??? CUA better not tell all of our secrets... ; )