Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee- May 23

 Monday...morning...cofffff...eeeeee.... Wow, that was a stretch.  Today's MMC is brought to you by Starbuck's Cafe Estima blend, and reader Robert Vaughan, who supplied the cup.  I'm still drinking coffee from a ceramic cow's udder.  Do they make these in Brook trout colors?  I'm going to start ordering specialty coffees from different roasters around the country and featuring them on this.  Starbucks doesn't need any advertising from me.  It's just become convenient to stop there and buy rather than go downtown to the local shop. I know Starbucks has become passe, but they still offer a consistent product.  There's a couple of good local roasters and I think it's time to support them.  I also have a friend I met in Colorado who is a genius of a roaster, I'll have to order some from him.  If you have a favorite local roaster, forward a link to me at and I'll feature it and mention your name for referring me to it.  I'm a bold roast kind of guy, no flavored coffees, so keep that in mind.  Remember, support your local roaster.

It was not a quiet week in Northern Michigan- I was drawn in OBN's Take Me Fishing contest, I got a night float in with Phil in the CC Drifter, I helped the local TU chapter do bank stabilization work on Monday, I went to 3FT Friday, and fished in The Northern Angler's Carp Derby on Saturday.  I got sick toward the end of the week.  And I worked a full schedule.
my derby partner on the interminable flats of Grand Traverse Bay
I should add a note here about my participation in the carp derby this weekend.  I didn't catch, or even see that many fish, but the ones I did see looked like mini-vans.  It's been a cold spring here and the fish are just getting started.  I saw the least amount of fish, and only one team actually caught fish, but they reported seeing over 200 fish, caught two carp and several beautiful smallmouth, this in an area where the one angler saw 2000 carp a few days before.  It really is gorgeous flats fishing on a grand scale, sight fishing to large schools of big fish, fish known for taking you well into your backing.  The winning fish was 31 inches long and he said it took him into his backing twice.  If you love fishing for carp, or would like the flats experience without the price tag then Traverse City Michigan definitely needs to be on your list.

I have basically two forms of posts- reporting and writing.  If you are new here (welcome!) and you enjoyed  my article "Floating Away", here's a list of "written" posts.  What do you think, should I start a page that lists the writing posts only so they are easier to find?  Here goes:

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So there you go.  No one read the pieces on Ice and Raven's, but I thought they were really good, or at least I worked hard on them, so check them out if you get the chance. 

It's time to send out a little more blog love.  I've really been enjoying posts from Sanders at Up the Poudre.  I like the fact that the blog world continually gives you these glimpses of other worlds, worlds I may not experience myself, or even know about if it weren't for your blogging.  Sanders packs in some good writing with great fishing tales from the Cache la Poudre river near Fort Collins Colorado.  His photography is solid (how would you take bad pictures out west?) and he openly admits his ongoing recovery as a former North Dakotan.  Keep posting Sanders, I want to see more cutthroat.

All right, it's time to get something done.  Have a great week.  I have several posts rattling around in the pipeline, so keep checking back.  Or just come back Monday and see what damage got done.  Time to make another pot....


  1. Morning cheers to you! Love the coffee roasters idea...I've started tending towards "what's cheapest" but when one gets up at 4:30 a.m., one deserves a little treat, no? I'm looking forward to these posts and will check out some of my locals too (what is the Colorado roaster...? In my neck 'o the woods?)

    Huzzah for Sanders! I love his blog too.

    Oh...and I'm looking forward to the "damage" ;)

  2. For the record, I read "Ice". It was IMO, the first of your "Epic posts". It had everything: drama,danger,intrigue,comedy, and as always, some great pictures of giant fish.

    Ice was the bait which has kept me and others checking your blog almost every day for the next "Epic post". I'll wager you haven't disappointed anyone in your endeavor. <(_)

  3. Sounds like one heck of a week. Try the coffee from The Coffee Bean Connection. Baraboo, WI. My favorite from this shop is Jamaican Me Crazy. They do mail orders also. Ohhh sooo good. I agree. Sanders last post had me laughing out loud. Great read.

  4. Yay...for Sanders getting some blog luv...I have enjoyed reading his adventures also. Don't do too much damage this week, unless it's on the waters! And I will read those posts that I might have missed...

  5. Reading about your last week just made me tired, no wonder you ended up a little under the weather?!?! Traverse City sounds like a great place to stalk some ugly fish. Glad you were able to get out and hook up on a few.

    I'm not a coffee connoisseur, but have enjoyed both the "wake up" and "french roast" blends from here...

    Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate them greatly. The cutthroat's are coming...I promise!

    Thanks again!

  6. Oh yes! Sanders, I give a hearty 2nd to your choice. The coffee shop in my canyon serves up Boulder Organic...wake up blend is always my choice. And, what is works!

  7. @e.m.b.- my friend was the head roaster for Tomboy Coffee out of Telluride, he now is head roaster for Winchester Coffee in VA. I'll check Boulder Organic out.
    @Patrick- I know, you're one of the faithful, thanks alot, and I'll try to put more out soon.
    @Trout Magee- I'll add Baraboo to the list, thanks.
    @Damsel- not sure much damage will get done at all, too much work, but after next week it should ease up a bit.

    Thank you all for checking on me- FR

  8. Jason- Found a mug you might enjoy. Shoot me an email with your email

  9. Well as usual a day late and a dollar short. Sorry I missed morning coffee. Checked out your list of unloved posts and man, they're good. No surprise there. A tip of the hat for Sanders, love his blog.

  10. Its been a darn cold spring everywhere. Nice post!

  11. So, I have to give a third to Boulder Organic, but would like to mention another as well. Kind Coffee in Estes Park specializes in small batch roasting. Dustin and I really enjoy their 80517 roast. I volunteer in RMNP on Tuesdays, and always stop for a warm up at their retail location. Makes me want to make the drive and get one now!

    Sanders is one cool cat. I'm anxious for us to fish together. Now, if we could just get Mrs. Sanders slinging flies, all would be good!


  12. @Stephanie and Dustin- that seals it- I'll order some Boulder Organic, and the 80157 next week. Sounds like a great place to start.