Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee: May 9

Aaauuuaaauuauagggghhhh!!!!! Monday again already? Yawn, stretch, scratch, repeat... Did this weekend really happen? or was it just a dream? I dreamed of floating down a river and camping in this beautiful spot, then catching steelhead, sitting around the campfire, my buddies fishing rod was a spruce tree.  There were mushrooms, lots and lots of mushrooms.  It all runs together.  I need some coffee.  I'm running a little cafe Estima in the press this morning, we'll see how that stacks up against the others.
Wait, let me check- yup, I have pictures, so it must have happened.  What  a whirlwind weekend- work Friday, then load up the truck and run north, kayak into a remote location and camp, fish (successfully) Saturday, then kayaked back out.  Worked Sunday afternoon, and then found morels by the POUND.  It felt a little like a charmed life this weekend.  My kayaking adventure was only 24 hours long, but was one of the great trips of my life.  Good things come in small packages I guess.  I'll do a post about it soon.
one of the great campfires of all time

With temps warming into the 70's this week, the bug hatches will start soon.  Hendricksons have started on the Au Sable I hear and the trout fishing here should be pretty sweet from here on out.

In other outdoor related news, the morels have started in earnest- I found 4 pounds last night in an hour, and it looks like it's going to be a banner year.  This is a good thing, the last two years have been awful for morels.  By saying this, of course, I am inviting all people from Ohio to come up and trespass on private property.  We used to have people wandering around our back yard every spring, they were always from Ohio, and their answer was always the same- "Oh, we thought this was state land."  Right.  You can always tell the state land here by the vegetable gardens and the houses spaced every quarter mile on the road.  I had thought this behavior a little odd, but when I lived in Ohio for two years (also known as the Dark Ages) I found out that they teach their kids to say this in the public schools.  So yeah, come on up, wander wherever you want.  Yeah, that dog is friendly.  Go ahead, pet him.
They're back!

So let's see, in this weeks pipeline there should be another Croff Craft post, I should probably do a post about morels, and I'll try to put together a trip report from the weekend.  Phil had a major setback in his schedule for the boat, and you would never guess why- it's because of the tornadoes in Alabama.  I know it sounds like a lame excuse, but it turns out that the material he's coating the hull with comes from a warehouse in Tuscaloosa or thereabouts, and the phones and even the roadways were down.  They just got the material in and they're spraying the hull today. I'm going to make one last push for steelhead this week if I can, but work is a major factor now, so we'll see, and my thoughts are increasingly turning to 3 weights and trout.
Oh yeah, some of this went on

So have a great week, let's get after it.

it's a little blurry, but you get the point


  1. you suck, though I'm glad you finally got some chromium plated fully alluminated genuine accessory fishin done. I'd love a trip like that and miss the steelies already.

  2. very funny, and well witted. Are you the one with the #110 Akita? He is 'really friendly'~

  3. the pound!? I'm salivating.
    New Mexico Pinon Coffee for me this morning. Cheers!

  4. "The Dark Ages"- that was funny. I've always thought Ohio seemed just a bit off... I just didn't know they were teaching it in the public schools.
    Glad you had a good trip.

  5. I was playing at being a good husband this weekend and making sure my wife had as good a mothers day as she could have considering she had to work. I'm jealous.

  6. Cofisher - "playing at"? Nah, to me it sounds like you're the real deal.

  7. That is so not fair - will the merals be left in a few weeks?

  8. @e.m.b.- I'd offer to do a coffee exchange with you, but you'd just be getting Starbucks from me. Now if I could get my hands on some roasted by RC Gartrell, then I'd have something to offer.
    @Cofisher- you are the good husband, thanks for checking in on me.
    @Phileen- morels will be around until the first week of June.
    @Jay- even the roads in Ohio are laid out medieval style, lots of six way corners.

  9. Love your morels, jealous! We are so lacking of morel love here in Connecticut, I sent a letterbox (a scavenger hunt-type of clue reading activity thing) about morels to Michigan to be planted. Morels, wild asparagus, and wapato may be the only reason we ever make a trip to the nation's interior.

  10. Didn't think you had any morals...oh, you meant morels. Got it.

  11. Sounds like one heck of a sweet weekend. Kayaks, campfires, steel heads, and last but not least Morels. Great pics...

  12. @foragers- there is no love like morel love- there's still 3 weeks left, you should plan a trip.
    @troutrageous- I have very high morel standards. I only eat the best.
    @Magee-If only I could live it all over again. Actually, I think I can.

  13. Cool trip! Hope to hear more soon. Morels... jeez... AMAZING! I think New Mexico's rule is the same, just no gardens to signify a plot of land... or houses.