Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Morning, errr Noon, errr Morning Coffee- May 16

moo to you too...
Monday again? Time for coffee.  You should smell this stuff- it's amazing.  When they get that figured out on the internet I'll share it with you.  Yaaaawwwwaawwwwnnn, stretch, scratch.  Today's coffee is brought to you by FR friend and fan Robert Vaughan of Ohio.  He sent me this mug to feature, and while I have to say that it feels a little odd to be drinking coffee from the wrong end of a cows udder, I love the concept.  If any of you have a cool mug you'd like to have featured in MMC contact me and I'll make arrangements.  Robert and I go way back- he used to work a fly shop here in Northern Michigan and do a little guiding.  Bob is the one who actually taught me what a loop was, and it's just a shame I'm such a poor student.  By the way, Monday Morning Coffee is late this morning due to not getting off the water until 2 AM.  My nocturnal self is back.

Hard to believe another week flipped by, with very  little fishing for yours truly.  I have to quit this working-for-a-living thing.  I live on the water, am working on the water (2 jobs) and cross an awesome trout stream to get to one of the jobs,  so what's the problem?  Long days and a lack of preparation I guess.  Last night was my only time I actually fished this week.  I must do better.

Blogger was down for awhile last week, which put a crimp in my blogging style.  Next time I'll have to write my posts in Word and paste them.  It made for an odd week.  Not that I had any time to write.  I'm getting a laptop to try to expedite things, I think that not being chained to my desk and office will help.  I'll have about five more really hectic weeks this summer before work settles into a regular schedule and I'm able to give more attention to FR.

I want to send out special thanks to young FR reader Jacob Winger- he sent me some flies he tied, Which was very thoughtful.  I'll give these a try.  The ant patterns should work well, and I want to try out that foam job, which is a fair hopper imitation, one of my favorite ways to fish.  Thanks Jacob- it always makes us happy to see a good young guy like yourself getting into fly fishing, and into tying already!  That's great, and keep at it.

seriously, I was not holding an auction

Some friends had a little talent show this weekend and I was asked to do a fly tying demonstration, which I did before the actual "talent" part got started.  I lectured on the evils of hair fashions and feathers and then tied up a big black bunny streamer- something people had a snowballs chance to see from across the room.  My friend Terrance was there as well adding some local color.  I just thought you'd like to see some of the nut-jobs I fish with.  Strange doings in Cross Village.

you don't want to meet this guy in the woods while mushrooming.

Terrance hands out the "Getting Lost" award to his daughter-in-law

 Well, I have to get some work done today-  it was too cold (light frost) to get started early anyways, but my excuses are wearing thin.  Let's get after it.  Oh, that's right, you already have, it's just me sitting at my desk halfway through the day.  Have a good week- I have some decent posts in the lineup for the week so keep an eye out for them.


  1. I like this Monday morning coffee thing...and, Jacob's flies look great! Maybe he should have been in the talent show! Now, regarding the evils of hair fashions --- I hear the fashionistas have migrated the "fashion" to their dogs now too...I'm not kidding. Scary stuff!

  2. Get out there and hammer it!! Your late... ;)

  3. As if seeing Steven Tyler wearing hackle wasn't enough.

  4. Cofisher - oh wow...I missed that one. I think I'd rather see the dogs!

  5. Great morning coffee. Always makes me want to get up and press some myself. Hope you get some chances to get out there this week. Good Luck.

  6. I mentioned Steven Tyler in my presentation. I didn't hammer anything today, but I did turn a NICE fish on the river today, before helping TU out with a bank stabilization project. I'll try to make sure that MMC is up on time for my Eastern Time Zone friends next week.