Saturday, June 18, 2011

Croff Craft Chronicles- Dream Boat

It's done.  All the weeks of planning, planing, sanding, cutting, glass and epoxy work.  LOOK at this boat.  I think I'll have to mostly say it with pictures.

Phil has had it out on the water already.  He says it draws about 2.5 inches- imagine that on your favorite trout stream.  He improved the rocker and chine characteristics of the boat and says it spins on a dime.  Three seats (he plans on using this as his main guide boat.)  Notice the fitted rubber mats that keep you from standing in water and are comfortable and slip resistant.
gorgeous cockpit, with dry storage on each side of the rowers seat

Check out this detail on the side.

Phil's wife Trude is a local artist whose work is very popular here.  If you'd like to see more you can visit her website.   I'm sure she'd get a following among us fly anglers if she painted more fish like this one, but I think she may be happy with the niche she's in.  I have a Trude Bigelow painting hanging in my living room and love it.

Everything about this boat is beautiful and well thought out.  3 seats, dry storage, rod tubes.  The hull is LineX and Kevlar.  The artistry is amazing, with curves everywhere that compliment the overall design and scream "I belong on the water!".  Or maybe hung on a wall somewhere.

Check out the anchor stanchion- walnut.  Mmm, mmm.  Love it.

So is the forward casting stanchion

These boats are not mass produced- Phil builds them one at a time, by hand.  If you're interested in having him build you one, contact him- all the information will be listed below.  He'll be more than happy to work with you on custom designed boat just for you.  I've spent a lot of time in Phil's boats and can vouch that they handle well, are very shallow draft and tough- you'll probably never put them through what we do.  If you love wooden boats or have always wanted a wooden drift boat make sure you get a-hold of him.

Phone: 231.330.5762

I'll be spending some time in this boat, I can assure you, and it will probably appear on a regular basis here as time goes on.  I can't wait.


  1. The boat is stunning. What I wouldn't give to be one of passengers on her maiden voyage.

  2. Jebus, that's a beautiful boat!!!

  3. I don't know that I have ever looked at a boat and thought it was a beautiful piece of art....until just now.

  4. what a boat! I'm with e.m.b., it's a beautiful piece of art.

  5. Wow that boat is beyond awesome. Look forward to seeing that beauty in action. Great boat.

  6. Truly a work of art. I hope her beauty is only exceeded by her performance.

  7. If you all can believe this, I had to turn down an inaugural float in this boat tonight because I had to WORK!! Still a little sick about it.

  8. That boat is an absolute beauty. Magnificent. A job well done boys.


  9. Wow, that really is a beautiful boat. Give it soft stroke on my behalf.

  10. There is nothing to compare with a well crafted wooden boat.

  11. Wow, that boat looks really amazing the craftsmanship and the bass on the back was the finishing touch. Thanks.
    long island used boats

    1. Glad you like it. The bass is really a brown trout, but hey, art is up for interpretation,right?