Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's Here! National Fishing & Boating Week

I'm a day late and so forth, but I have indeed gotten out on the water this morning.  I live on the water, a river that's very popular with boaters and anglers.  My point this morning was that there's so much opportunity around us that we often overlook.  All we have to do is take notice and get out there, make time for it.  My plan for National Fishing and Boating Week, sponsored by Take Me Fishing, was to fish every day in as many places and settings for as many species as possible, even if for a short while.  It appears that my work load this week will keep all my sessions short, but I think my foray this morning proves my point- I caught no fish, but I had a great time.  It was beautiful, refreshing, and I felt a lot better just being out there.  If you have kids, get them out there.  Video games and the internet are firmly embedded in our culture and world- they're not going away, nor do I want them to, but they need to be balanced with some outdoor activity. (Incidentally, the June issue of Outside magazine had a great article outlining our need to get outdoors, read it here.)

The following video is me monologuing- some live, on-the-water philosophizing if you will, and my intro into National Fishing and Boating Week.  I'll have to find some fish for you somehow this week. 

Here's some things to know about National Fishing and Boating Week-
  •  Take Me Fishing has launched a "Memories On the Water" video contest that runs through July 1 2011 with lots of prizes including a grand prize of a fishing trip for 4 to one of four destinations.  Take your video cam with you this month and share it- you could end up in Yellowstone.
  • Take Me Fishing reminds us that a portion of the money we spend on boating and fishing- everything from boats, to tackle, to bait, to licenses- even fuel- goes towards conservation, so getting out and enjoying the outdoors is good for you, good for your kids AND good for the environment.
So, I highly encourage you to take a little time to check out Take Me Fishing's website, "Like" their Facebook page, check and see if your state has free fishing this week.  Then get out there, take your kids, have fun.  Take your video camera and enter the contest.  The weather is gorgeous and it's all waiting for you.  I'll be posting some more of my mini adventures as the week goes on.


  1. Preservation is moving into an era that could potentially be very dangerous - the next generation does not value nature in a way that generations before it did, simply because of the lack of experience. In order to want to save something, you must experience it and it must stir passion inside of you. Hopefully, getting the next generation away from the computer and video games just for a bit will stir some "natural" passion in them.

    Great post.


  2. Every week is a crap shoot for me as far as being able to get out. Good luck in your venture to get out every day to enjoy the outdoors.

  3. I don't agree, this young generation has more opportunity than we ever had. They have more "Take a Kid Fishing", more program offered to them, more day camp, more Kids Outdoor opportunities and even the technology is better adapt for them then it ever was. I surely never had kayak made just for my size, or programs that would provide me with a fishing rod, people that would take me out of the city to be there on the water. Yes, there is less untouched water than before, but this generation has everything to make it work and they will surprise us. We didn't have video games and 287 channel on TV, but we had basement and a record player... We can't blame the video games for a child lack of communion with nature, we got to blame all of us for not taking them to it.

    No just kidding. Nice video man, 'cept the part with the face. You make me miss it. (The river, not the face)

    Someday you are gonna tip that log over with the fancy canon suction cupped to the top.
    Hope you can make it out here this fall. Love ya bro.

  5. National Fishing and Boating Week. I think we should all give until it hurts.


  6. @Phil- while I agree that all the rivers and lakes are right where they always were, and if anything fish numbers are better than they used to be, I know for certain that the nature of childhood has changed since I was a kid. You're right- fewer adults participate, and thus take their kids fishing and boating. While I agree with your point on gear, it's only because ALL the gear has improved so much since, oh, the 70's. It was all junk then. I feel like I've died and gone to Nirvana with all the nice (cheap) gear I have now. In the end, I think we're on the same page, and let's be glad for all the programs out there that do exist, or perhaps participation would be much lower. In the end, I agree that it rests with parents to be a healthy influence on their childrens' development. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  7. @Stephanie- it's the ultimate reality, and perhaps you chuckle as I do at 'reality' TV, when we can go out and experience in 3D (and stereo and smell) reality- the world around us.

    @Cofisher- you have my pity. I won't make it out every day, but it will be close.

    @Tim- I have a feeling we'll be fishing the San Juan in October.

    @Shoreman- I think I've paid for an entire watershed restoration with all I've spent on gear, licenses etc. over the years. I think I got what I paid for.

  8. Heck, I can make it 3x/wk easy...I have a canyon stream "rushing" right now only 10 min away. And I never go there, like you said...right at my own back door. Thanks, FR.