Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee- June 13 2011

"Don't try to out-weird meI get weirder things than you in my breakfast cereal." - Zaphod Beeblebrox

Oh the agony.  Another week has arrived.  Ready?  Me neither.  Let's have some coffee.  Todays brew is Sumatra Mandheling from Roast & Toast, a local coffee house in Petoskey.  It's one of my favorite lunch stops, with fantastic soups and sandwiches in Petoskey's Gaslight District.  If you ever make it up this way check it out.  The mug is courtesy of Robert Vaughan, fly angler par excellence, the guy who taught me what a loop is. 

Well, it looks like summer may return after a cold wet rainy week.  With all of the repetitive video I shot of overcast days on brook trout streams, it was nice to go out to Lake Michigan yesterday, catch some rays, get the kayak out and look for carp and bass.  I found carp right at the launch and didn't get far, but so far I'm still carpless.  I got to present my fly to quite a number of fish, but got out too late in the afternoon to sight fish much.  While I enjoyed shooting last week, I think I'll enjoy a  return to writing and photography for awhile.  What a relaxing way to end a busy week.  I have one more video post for the people at Take Me Fishing that probably won't be finished until tomorrow.  It takes too much time to upload the video.

If you haven't heard, Unaccomplished Angler author Kirk Werner has a website called Take Kids Fly Fishing.  They are having a coloring contest with some great prizes.  If you have children and are wondering how to get them involved with fly fishing, this site is a one stop resource.

"Take Kids Fly Fishing, which was established to provide a central location where parents and kids can find listings for all manner of gear available for kids, as well as state by state listings of Camps & Classes as well as Kid-Friendly Guides. Our goal is to provide all manner of information to enhance a kid's fly fishing experience, as well as provide a link between manufacturers of kids' gear (etc) and their direct audience.
 We are officially launching with a coloring contest beginning on June 1st. The contest will run through the month of June and we will be announcing winners during the first week in July.  Starting on June 1st Kids can go to our Kids Contest page ( to download a coloring page, with instructions on how to submit their work for the contest."

Go.  Click.  Download.  Makes me wonder if I qualify as a kid.  I still can't color inside the lines.

I'm slowly working at making changes to this site, and you may notice I've changed and expanded the blog list to include more of the blogs I follow.  There's more that I follow, and more to add to the list, so if you don't see your blog there, don't feel slighted- contact me.

It looks like the Trout Unlimited/ Outdoor Bloggers Network writing contest is heating up.  It's a fantastic opportunity for four bloggers to win a trip to Montana to fish the Centennial Valley and blog live onsite.  Click over and check out some of the entries on your break sometime this week.  The contest ends Thursday, so if you're an OBN blogger and available for the trip you'd better get cracking.  Look for this contest to generate some quality posts.

Well, it's going to be a busy work week, and it won't get done by itself, so I'd better get going and so had you.  Have a great week.


  1. Yep, you both are Maverick's alright...I saw balloons on the trail, not bears! Ha...and the only thing different over there on your blog list is...well, I've been replaced by April Vokey. Ok...

  2. So, when are we going to see your contest entry??? I'm looking forward to it!

    And too cool opening a post with "The Guide". Haven't thought about that in years. THANKS!

  3. ... and I ALWAYS carry my towel.

  4. @Damsel- asked and answered.

    @Mike- I'm working on it tonight. Love the "Guide", and I too, always carry my towel. "Here I am, with a brain the size of a planet, and he asks me if I can make tea."

  5. I stopped by to thank you for posting about TKFF, but then someone mentioned April Vokey and I lost all focus. Where was I?

  6. Poor April. Just say her name and it causes a ruckus. Now where was I.