Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee- June 6, Truck Payment Edition

That's right, the sixth of each month is when my truck payment is due, so what a great reminder.  Except I'm not going to pay it today.  I'll wait til Wednesday or Friday, sometime within the grace period.  I only have a year left to pay on it, but if the rest of the summer goes well I'll pay it off so I don't get bled monthly all winter.  That gets old.  It's been a great truck, but It's starting to show its age, kind of like its owner.  It started leaking fluid (I'm not leaking fluid) last week; I got it fixed and it's already leaking fluid again (I'm still not leaking fluid).  I'm torn between putting it down and keeping it alive indefinitely sans payment.
It's just too heavy for this kind of thing.

things you can load in a truck
Truth be told, it's an awful outdoors truck.  True, you can stack a lot of deer in the bed, but it doesn't get around that well off road.  It's too big for a lot of access trails to rivers, and is too long to turn around handily in the woods while hunting.  I've had some bad experiences with this truck.  Still, I do love it.  Horsepower wins out in the end I guess.  That, and it's fulfilled its purpose to haul large loads of equipment and material to jobs.  It's also very comfortable.  I'll keep it as long as practical.  Which is to say until gas hits $5 this summer.
another story for another time

Yawn, stretch, scratch, sniff... I mean repeat. It's Monday.  Today's coffee is again the Colombian Supremo from Woolly Bugger, but I'll have to go into town and buy more today, or it will be a sad Tuesday indeed.  Today's mug is again courtesy of Sanders over at Up the Poudre.  Lovin' those Fontinalis colors.  Speaking of which, I think it's time for Fontinalis Rising to go chase some fontinalis.  I haven't even tried for brook trout yet this year.  I mean, cummon.  So, after work, and Take Me Fishing Flipcam in hand, I'm going to find some Known Brook Trout Water and see what I can do.  I guarantee I'll catch at least a couple.  Guarantee.  Up goes the pressure, but I'm good for it.
I'm working on a couple of little pieces, but with this weeks work schedule, not to mention my pledge to the National Fishing and Boating Week, we'll see what gets posted.  Of course, if I live up to the challenge then I'll have lots to post.  I'd better get into fish, because I know you can't take too much more of my maundering into the camera.  So here's hoping for all of us.

I'm trying to decide where my next getaway will be to.  Probably somewhere into the Upper Peninsula, but there's other options.  Some day I want to explore the Algoma District of Ontario outside Sault Ste. Marie for brook trout.  There's monsters up there in that back country, but it's something you'd have to find on your own. Nipigon and Colorado are both on the table for an August trip, but I'll have to choose.

In my continual efforts to improve this blog I've ordered a camera lens and related equipment, which I can't wait to get and put to work.  It should be here within a couple of days.

Well, I'm still waiting for the caffeine to kick in, so I'm going to wander off and make breakfast.  Have a great week.  I'll go find you some fish.  Keep an eye out for more video from the Take Me Fishing Flipcam.  Let's get after it.

gratuitous fish picture


  1. I need to contact Sanders about one of those coffee mugs. I like it!

    As I said on facebook, your choice between CO and Nipigon is a tough one because they are so very different. Dustin and I plan on being here in FoCo for awhile (even longer if I get into the grad school here), so if Nipigon calls we can always fish another time.


  2. I have a dorky little Toyota hatchback wagon. Her turning radius is awesome, but I have to take apart my rods if I move fishing location. And, I've never tried cramming a deer in her. hmm. That said, I love her. Well, "Happy" Monday. If Mondays ever can be that...but your morning coffee posts do make them better! :)

  3. Good monday morning coffee session! I am realllly curious to hear the story behind the trick in the hole...

  4. Yeah, we need to know more about that story. I guess right now is just as good as a time for another story... And I'm not a mechanic, but after seeing you scrape the bottom of your truck like that, I might know why you are leaking fluid (Lol)... Take care, keep posting, and hopefully we could find the time to hit the water soon.


  5. I'm relieved to know that unlike your truck, you have not started to leak any fluids. Good luck chasing those fontinalis around, look forward to hearing about the adventure!

  6. Ok...I'm going to look at it a different way...on the CO. vs Nipigon. You can always go to Nipipgon since it is closer...but, the CO. trip is a one time thing possibly. That truck is a stallion after what it has gone through...ugh...into! ;)

  7. He might not be leaking any fluids but, trust me, he has had a gas leak all his life.

  8. @Tim- Hear here on the gas leak- FEMA is all over it.
    @RD- I can do both at pretty short notice, and I've done Colorado. The trick for you is to get Steph to post ever more amazing pics of scenery and fish. I may do both trips.
    @Steph- Keep the trips and pics coming, you make a strong argument for CO.

  9. I'm going to hang around long enough to hear about the "Another Story for Another Time" photo. Oh, and nice mug. I have a similar one and it makes the coffee taste that much better.

  10. What a great blog yer build'n over here. That Brookie pic is just a simply beautiful kodak'n moment eh. Keep up your awesome attitudes about about how life works, we're all learn'n... :-) lb