Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sturgeon Bay, June 12, 2011

This is the final post for my efforts for the people at Take Me Fishing.  It was a pleasure to blog for them, and I want to thank Rebecca and Joe at the Outdoor Bloggers Network for helping to make these things possible.  I have to say, last week was one of my busiest, most hectic work weeks of the year, but to go out for just an hour on Wednesday and catch the biggest brook trout of my life?  Very, very satisfying, and definitely worth the effort and lack of dinner.  I didn't get to do all that I wanted for National Fishing and Boating Week, but when do we ever?  I had to adapt my plan to foul weather conditions as well.  I still plan to fish some of the local lakes for bass and panfish this year and video it and share.  These lakes are so good, and so beautiful, you have to see it.

I ended the week on a good note, with a solo kayak trip on Lake Michigan in search of smallmouth bass and carp.  I definitely found the carp, but failed to hook up, and so my bid to add carp to my repertoire continues.  It's amazing to fish such clear shallow water for such large fish- it really makes your heart race, every time.  I'll head back this weekend for certain, weather permitting.  Check out the videos if you like.  I feel that I've made my point in this weeks posts.  I know that I live a lot closer to a lot more water and fish than most of you, but my point is about taking advantage of opportunity, even if it's just panfish in a local pond.  Get out there- it will do you a world of good.  Don't let this week go by without at least taking a walk in a park.  Take binoculars and try to identify birds.  Anything the gets you away from the TV, your computer, your job, your routine.  Breathe the air, feel the sun, walk barefoot in the grass.  This is our planet, our world, and we damage ourselves by being too busy, by ignoring it.

Here's my intro video.

Here's some video of me crossing a small bay to a point with another flat.  I spotted schools of carp here as well, but none came in range.

The last one is my video thank you to Take Me Fishing, OBN, and all of you.


  1. Yep...that is what I'm going to do on my off day tomorrow...go barefoot in the grass!!! Thanks for the suggestion. I'm sure that it will be the cure for this week.

  2. Great advice about getting out and experiencing the outdoors, no matter how simple the activity.

    Looking forward to the post when you wrangle a carp on camera :-)