Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee- August 29

Auuuuuaaaaaaghghgh!!!.  Stretch, yawn, scratch, repeat.  What happened?

I had this crazy dream last night, that I had gone away to a place of incredible beauty and caught gorgeous big fish.  It had fiery sunrises and sunsets, rainbows every day, trout in technicolor, islands that seemed to float in the sky.  There was thunder and lightening, rain and wind, heat and cold, a vile toilet, bears everywhere and a road that ran forever through the back country, past glittering blue lakes set under towering granite cliffs.  At one point the road had a moose running right down the center of it, right in front of our bumper. There were mountains rising out of what looked like an ocean, rolling away to the horizon.

Why can I remember it all so clearly?  I dreamed I caught a brook trout that weighed about three pounds on a mouse- a MOUSE during the DAY!  That's one way I know it was a dream.

Oh well, I'm awake now.  Time to go to work.  Also, I just realized there's this giant pile of gear in my living room that has to be put away.  Whatever that's about.

Have a great week.


  1. What a gorgeous dream. If only these kind came true...and if only these places existed...

  2. Beautiful stuff. Love the shot of the mist-shrouded evergreen island. A dreamy image, for sure.

  3. Stretch...yawn...Wecome back to Home Sweet Home!

  4. Wish I had dreams like that let alone fully awake experiences.

  5. welcome home, and thx for the vicarious adventure to points north. mike

  6. Oh how I love to see those pics of those huge Brookies. The technicolor trout looks like a dream come to life. Thanks for sharing the journey. I'm thinking "Canonball!!" off of that picture below the Brookie ;) Tight Lines.