Saturday, August 20, 2011


It's done, almost.  Don't ever travel with me.  I'm a horrible procrastinator.  In my defense, the long days at work have continued, and I've barely had time to make dinner at night, much less pack.  My brother is in the same boat- too much work.  Speaking of boats, I'm here writing this right now because he's putting the finishing touches on the used boat he just bought for the trip.  This already has the makings of a road trip adventure.  What a conundrum.

I have five rods, 6 reels, most of my fly tying gear, and enough other crap to lay siege to northern Canada.  In some ways this feels right- a road trip done seat-of-the-pants, gear hastily assembled, an untried boat, and we couldn't get the base camp tent out of storage.   Something is bound to happen to make this trip interesting- the seeds are sown.  But it's things like that that keep it interesting, test your mettle, your perseverance, your improvisational skills.  If I wanted a safe and predictable trip I would have gone to some lodge and hired guides.  I don't want that, I want an adventure.  I want the Suburban to get a flat or start making weird sounds, drip brightly colored fluids.  I don't want to know where I'm sleeping tonight, or for the rest of the week.  I don't want to plan more than a day ahead where I'm fishing.  I want spontaneity, adventure, hardship.  I want grit and ash in my burned food.  I want some time to write.

Mind you, death or injury aren't the goal at all- I packed my PFD, and a first aid kit (first aid kit consists of hockey tape and ibuprofen).  I'm not going to take any unnecessary risks.  But I don't want a pre-packaged, padded room, safe, guaranteed-to-catch-a-fish-or-my-money-back trip.  I want to go and explore, choose my own adventure, take care of myself, and my brother, and have fun.

So I'm off soon, I think.  I'll be back next weekend, I think.  If all goes well, I'll have pictures of fish to share.  No matter what I'll have stories.  If I can find wi-fi I'll even try to squeeze some teaser posts in.  Judging by the lack of live-blogging success others have had recently, I wouldn't bet on it.

So that's it- I'm off to Nipigon, in search of giant brook trout.  Or maybe just in search.



  1. Have fun on your adventure, can't wait to hear all about it!

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  3. Got to do a redo...I just read through this again...did you really say "grit and ash" in your burnt food??? And I thought that you were a cook...ha. If that pile of arsenal isn't enough to have an adventure of a lifetime...I don't know what is! Journey ON!!!

  4. I've only seen pictures of the area and fish that it holds but it definitely looked like Brook Trout heaven. I'll be checking back to hear about the great adaventure....Jeff

  5. This has the makings of the adventure of a lifetime...have fun!

    I can't wait to read about your exploits.

  6. Awesome! I embark on Thursday for a more packaged and safe trip. There's a part of me that is deeply envious of your road trip. Safe travels!