Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kings and the Revenge of Max Quordlepleen

my big fish of the week
Another week flips by, another holiday weekend, and where does the time go?  I'm hearing from you- where's Monday Morning Coffee this week?  I've got to be better prepared.  But you know how it is- what was supposed to be quick weekend trip to Metro Detroit to take care of business and spend time with my daughter turned into a whole weekend and several hundred dollars in vehicle repairs.  And I ate at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

Not really, but close enough, and it was just the kind of place that Douglas Adams was lampooning in his book- poorly lit, overpriced, Au Jus on the steaks, a vast dining room full of people celebrating anniversaries and birthdays, amid a sea of white and blue hair.  The band, complete with Max Quordlepleen, played Sinatra standards and Happy Birthday, while the oldsters swayed back and forth, using the moves they perfected 50 years ago while dating.  The waitress was actually proud that the menu hadn't changed in 40 years, and it tasted that way.  No cows implored us to choose a steak before offing themselves, but I'm pretty sure that the universe ended, just a little, that night.  If you walk out the doors of said establishment, it does indeed reek of destruction, the wrecked neighborhoods, businesses and lives stretching on for miles, this being Metro Detroit.  Inside, the last generation of people with pensions or health care ate their steaks and celebrated what's left of their lives.  When they die, this place will go out of business.

Then my brakes failed Sunday, and so several hundred dollars and another day down there, we fixed them and I returned home like everyone else- tired, wondering where summer went, shivering in the cold that blew in the moment September arrived, thinking about the start of a work week and a school year.

I did go last Tuesday to the Betsie River near Traverse City for kings, and the fishing was fantastic, this despite a couple of hundred people being there.  We got into some nice kings and so I'll share a couple of pics and go to work.  There were hundreds of fish in the river, and I think we hooked up about 35 times between the three of us.  The down side was that with all the pressure the fish weren't biting, and only the minority were fair hook-ups, and most got off without too much struggle.  Still, it was a a great day and we got into some nice fish.  Hopefully the runs will start in my home rivers soon.

Pig of the day

Phil into a nice fish

this one made good its escape

another pig


  1. Nice photos, what hogs!

    I assume you use egg patterns? If so, do you have a particular favorite style?

  2. I suppose you could chalk it all up to the holiday weekend (good and not as good). you never get something for nothing, especially a good steak.

    great looking fish, glad you were able to hook into a few despite the crowds :-)

  3. Bead head eggs seemed to work, as did bugger/egg flies. That Gorman egg, or a woolly bugger with an egg at one end or other always seems to work.

  4. Nice. When I lived in the UP (or...in da UP, eh), it seemed like I good luck with egg patterns that I tied which just looked like goop in the water. But boy, those gorman eggs are great. Thanks for sharing, what nice photos!

  5. Dang, I'd like to try that just once. Nice fish!

  6. Wow...what to say. Well, let's look at the bright side. You have a nice salmon, your brakes didn't go out in Canada, and you can go back to chicken in the freezer (since your steak craving is done for now)!! Blue hairs...ha!