Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee- October 17, 2011

Erraaaaauuuugggghhhuuuggghhhh!  Yawn, stretch, scratch, repeat- it must be Monday.  It's time for coffee again. This is the Sanders' Mug edition- doesn't it look sharp?  Sanders of the Up the Poudre blog, was good enough to send me this brook trout print giganto-mug a while back and it's still a fave.  The big surprise this week was when I went to buy my favorite Gold Coast blend at Starbucks and couldn't find it, only to find it had been re-labelled Morning Joe, in reference to the MSNBC morning show.  Does this mean I'm drinking liberal coffee?  I do drink it liberally, but really?  It actually says on the side of the bag "It's their own unvarnished look at the worlds news and politics..." yadda yadda.  I don't know about that.  I take my coffee straight up,  I just WISH I could find a news source that good.  I do a lot of restoration work in my line of work and have unvarnished a lot of things.  Maybe that's what they mean.  Just when you think things are under control, you find out your favorite coffee is making a political statement.  Please don't hold it against me.  Just because I'm drinking Morning Joe doesn't mean I'm drinking the Kool-Aid as well.  (And to all you Fox News fans, I didn't mean this as an opening- spare me.)

I can hear you out there- arms crossed and foot tapping.  What's that you say?  I haven't been a very good host lately?  Haven't been sharing my coffee?

I know, like so many others, I started out so reliable, you knew what to expect, and Monday Morning Coffee was served hot and on time.  Then I started showing up late.  Next thing you knew, you were just guessing as to whether there would be any coffee at all.  Well, here's the scoop.  You've heard me griping all summer about how busy I was, and I still am.  I also ended up having to move the end of September, and it took a couple of weeks to get the internet back up- most of the posts you've seen lately, including my Plano Guide Series Waterproof Cases gear review (helpful hint- it's positive) were done from my local diner.  There was a bit of misunderstanding between myself and the phone company- apparently I have to wire my house to their box, which I finally did.  I wish I had  photo editing skills of Mike at Troutrageous!, there has to be a photo of a beaver chewing on wires somewhere.  So, despite the fact that I still am living in the midst of a pile of boxes, I did manage to crawl around, strip and connect telephone wire the diameter of hair, and now I'm working at getting this site back up to par.

I have some cool and interesting posts coming up, and some projects in mind.  I know I skipped September,  but I will definitely get back to work on my Angler's Year series and write one about October.  I have a guest post coming soon (that seems to be going around a lot, you may want to get immunized).  The Outdoor Blogger Network, of which I'm a proud member is celebrating it's first anniversary with a week-long extravaganza, and I'm working on an appreciation post.  Sometime soon I have a very special give-away contest courtesy of a very cool gear company.  And I'm going to continue on working at writing quality posts for you to enjoy.

My Gnarly Fish of the Week

I'll End this With Begging

Grovel, Grovel..... I'm in this months T.F.M. spotting contest over at The Fiberglass Manifesto, and the jerks fine gentlemen jerks people over at Third Coast Fly have decided to make it interesting by promoting their own Kevin Morlock.  It's a tight contest so far, and I want to thank all my friends who have voted so far.  If you haven't voted yet, please go to and vote for me, Jason Tucker (yes, my first name is not Fontinalis).  Here's the picture you're looking for.

Ok, it's time for work.  Or maybe fishing, who know's- let's get after it.


  1. MMC- Hooray!! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.
    p.s. - That fish is freaking me out.

  2. That fish fought hard Jen, but when I got him in he was definitely on his way out.

  3. Genius. And strangely, I always thought of Joe Scarborough as more of a cream and sugar kind of guy. So I think you're safe. Liberally drink....or drink liberally. Is there a difference? Wow. Still too early in the day for that judgment call. More coffee. I have no idea what blend I'm drinking...damn uninformed coffee drinkers are the worst. ;) Cheers.

  4. Well, Erin, I think the difference may be whether you're talking about alcohol or coffee. Drink some more coffee and let me know.

  5. Good to see a Monday Morning Coffee post...they are usually the first thing I look for when I get to my cubicle after a long weekend. So, welcome back!

    I think you need to liberally drink and forget about the political implications of the tasty brew in your shouldn't have to worry about such things so early in the week.

  6. Sanders is right on. Politics should be saved until at least Friday. And then, not spoken of at all on weekends...

  7. A Monday Morning Coffee post on Monday morning? Unbelievable. HA...

  8. If everyone keeps this up you're going to make me become reliable. It's good to know you're missed, bad to think I may have made an already bad day worse by not posting.....