Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee- October 31

aaaaauuuuuuAAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!  Yawn, stretch, scratch, repeat.  Is it Monday?  Is it ever....
Tomorrow is November 1.... let's see, what happens in November?  Can't seem to remember.  I need some coffee, and so do you.  I made some Sumatra this morning for us, french press as always.  Todays mug came to me courtesy of our local TU chapter prez Brian Kozminski.  It's an awesome Derek DeYoung print mug and I love it.  Many thanks to Brian for that.  Brian and his family will be leaving us soon, moving out to Greeley Colorado (what is it with that state?).  I interviewed Koz about 6 months ago (You can read the interview here) and I'm hoping to do another short sit-down with him before he leaves and discuss his accomplishments and what his hopes for Colorado are.

Here, let me warm that up for you.

Oh, I know what happens in November- deer hunting.  I'm an avid bow hunter, but between moving this month and being busy with work, I haven't gotten out.  The rut is really starting to crank up now, so I'm hoping to get a week of hunting in before the guns come out November 15 and ruin it all.  It usually takes me about a week to fill a tag with a bow, and looking in the freezer, it's time to get out there and stick an arrow in something.  I've gotten two decent bucks the last two years, so here's hoping I'll continue that trend.

I have another goal I'll spout publicly- in thinking about my fishing, I don't think I've ever caught a fall steelhead on a fly.  I've gotten some on spinners back when, but not fly fishing that I can recall.  I think I need to change that.  Those fall fish are bright as dimes and at their fighting best, so I'm making it my goal to catch a steelhead in November.  I'll try to whack a deer here in the next couple of weeks, and then while all the gun hunters are whanging away at the deer, I'll hit the rivers in search of steel, and just try not to get shot in the process.

What can you expect this week at Fontinalis Rising?  I'll do my final installment about my recent trip to Colorado, Brandon Robinson will update us Thursday on how his 30 Days of Fishing is going, and I'll make the effort to write the November installment of my Angler's Year series.

All right, do you need a warm-up before we head out the door?  You're good?  I'm going to take a few more sips here and then head to work.  I'll see ya out there somewhere....


  1. I know my fellow Grand Rapidians will agree, the best time to hit the Grand R. was mid- to late November, less corpses swimming in the river ( a.k.a. Gravel Goblins) and more anglers head to the woods searching for Bambi in the bottom of a fifth of Yukon or JD. Perfect month to hook up with some shiny chrome! Tight Lines,

  2. When one has the opportunity to put venison in the freezer AND hook up with bright steelhead, all within a reasonable radius of home, that is a damn fine time of year. Onward to November!

  3. Awesome coffee mug. I need to call Derek and have him send one down to, yes you got that right, COLORADO. Brian, we welcome you.
    Jason, it took me 2 mugs of Tulley's Extra Bold this morning... thanks for another great, albeit short, post and go "stick an arrow in something". Continue the trend.

  4. Russ- nice interview today, loved it, let's exchange iPod's some day.
    Larry- glad you're diggin' the brew, I'll flex the stick soon enough.
    Koz- go get lost- finding you will give me something to do...

  5. "What is it with that state?" Need you really ask? Although I have to say that the Grand Rapids area is my favorite area in your state. Welcome to Colorado Brian! Hope we get a chance to meet.

  6. I agree with Russ. You live a charmed life in the great state of MI. I'm looking forward to following your adventures in November...good luck!