Friday, December 30, 2011

Jealousy Counter

If you look to the right and scroll down just a little you'll see the Jealousy Counter, by which I keep track of the number of times I've gone fishing this year.  It was meant as a bit of a snarky joke, implying that while you were stuck in your cubicle in Detroit or Chicago, Austin or Seattle (who am I kidding? No one in Seattle reads this.) I'm out fishing.  Ha- suckers!

As you can see I got out 96 times this year.  This doesn't mean they were all-day trips, only that I got out and engaged meaningfully in the pursuit of fish at some point during the day.  This also doesn't mean that I blew off work to fish- some of my jobs have me crossing multiple trout streams to get to work, and most of my jobs are on lakes.  As a matter of fact, one night, a friend came and picked me up on the job with his boat and we fished until dark- not a bad way to end the day.  My fly fishing gear is always in my truck, and it's never a problem to stop off and fish for an hour on the way home.  I'll eat dinner when I get there, whenever that is.

My real reason for the counter was because I was actually curious as to how much I fished.  I knew I fished a lot, and maybe I was better off not knowing.  I'll never be the type who blocks out an evening for a favorite TV show- if conditions are right and the fish are biting, I'm out there.  I'm pretty sure I fished close to 150 days in 2010.  This year I was busier with work and had other constraints.  As it is, I fished nearly 100 days, and had a blast doing it.  What were the highlights?

just one great fish in a great year

Well, let's see-
  1. Catching my first bass on a fly- a big smallmouth no less.
  2. Catching my first carp on the fly and being introduced to Michigan's expansive flats fishing.  Just ask Kirk Deeter, it's really that good.
  3. Catching my biggest brook trout (16"+ in MI and 20+ in Nipigon) and biggest brown trout (28").
  4. One word- Nipigon.
  5. Fishing with Sanders on the Poudre.  He's a class act and great guide.
  6. Fishing the Betsie river for salmon in September.  The run was insane this year.
Phil with just one of the tanks we caught this fall
I don't know what 2012 will bring (I'm not holding my breath on that Mayan Calendar thing), but I can't wait to see.


  1. 96 times, man after my own heart. I only managed 55 times this year. Better than once a week though. I keep track of mine with my "Fish to license ratio" spreadsheet. My journal of sorts.


  2. A stellar year indeed. You had me beat early. I didn't get out nearly enough this past year.

  3. Mark- It's been eye opening to keep track of, especially as I know I didn't fish as much as the previous year.

    Jay- I know you'll be getting out more this coming year, and I can't wait to read about it.

  4. I have been reluctant to come over and check this post out, only for the fact that I would realize how many times I didn't fish (who am I kidding, I got out enough to make a few people jealous...)

    I can't tell you how much fun I've had getting to know you over the course of the last year. Glad our blogs allowed us to meet. I would put the couple days we fished together as a big highlight of my year as well.

    Look forward to doing it again soon.