Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee- January 2 2012!

Auuuughhhppphhuuaahhgghhgghh.  Guten tag every body.  I'm channeling Dr. Nick here. Yawn.  Yawn again.  Streeeeeeetttttcccchhhh.  Scratch, scratch.  Aaaaaannndddd repeat.  Man I need some coffee, and so do you.

Well, it's official- it is now 2012, and thus the world will end on December 21.  This puts a lot of pressure on us fly anglers- there's still a lot of water, several species, and a couple of techniques to try out before the Big Nothingness.  Get crackin'.  Personally, I don't buy this whole 2012 business- you won't see me running naked and screaming through the streets December 20th.  I'll do that on the 19th.  Chances are I'll be on one of the local rivers dunking egg patterns and lamenting the passing of summer, not the end of the world.  Either way, let's not go to that dark place.  Right now 2012 lays spread before us, a veritable feast of fishing to come.  It's time for us to start plotting (as if we haven't started already) our fishy plans for the year.

first fish of the year!

I kicked 2012 off right, by fishing in the midst of a snow storm.  I landed one small brown when I got there, and one more right before leaving.  The rainbows were mysteriously silent, the steelhead non-existent.  If you check the Jealousy Counter in the right-hand side-bar you will see that it has been reset, and registers one trip.  A fresh start.

and the second fish, somehow not as exciting

I was a blogging maniac last week, posting 6 posts in five days, which is a lot for this site.  If you haven't been here in a week or more, make sure you scroll back through and see what the action was.  The end of the year spurs a lot of introspection, and I had several things to get out and done.  Don't miss my interview with artist Becca Schlaff, or my shout-out to my favorite blog posts by my favorite bloggers of the year.

Most of my writing lately has gone to other outlets, and I have several pieces in the works I'm pretty excited about.  I'll try to get some writing done for this blog soon.  I need to get some fly tying done, it's time to learn some new patterns, maybe get into tying some dries.

Well, it's time to get to work- have a great week.  We're getting our first storm of sorts today so I'll leave you with a winter scene.


  1. Ah yes...a fresh start. I'm going to reset my do nothing counter. I see it's already on 7. Good luck with your endeavors and don't forget the folks back home. Wherever home is.

  2. Howard- looks like you're off to a great start. I'm neck and neck with you on that one. First one to break that counter wins!

  3. Fresh starts are good...cheers!

  4. Thanks again Sanders man! I hope the fishing is good still out your way.