Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Trip of a Lifetime- The Backcountry Journal

The wind is crazy.  It’s all I can do to paddle into it.  I’m pushing as hard as I can, aiming for the next flat.  Because this area is currently in the lee of this peninsula, I’m pushing onward.  Shift that wind just slightly to the south and I would be facing six foot seas.   As I paddle my kayak back into shallower water, large dark forms take shape.  Schools of them.  Dozens of them.  I’m looking at over 200 fish in two feet of water or less.  All of them are carp, the water is crystal clear, and there are no other anglers in sight.  I’m a mile from the launch, and I feel as isolated as it is possible to be in the Tip of the Mitt area of northern Michigan.

This wind is impossible, the water an impossible blue.   The fish are impossible.  When my fly hits the water, they run, when my line crosses them, they bolt.  The smallest fish is 5 pounds, the largest are 30 pounds or more.  Repeatedly, the wind whips my line sideways, away from my targets.  Repeatedly my casts end in failure.

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  1. Well, that grabbed my attention. I'm moving over to finish the story!

  2. Hope you enjoy it Howard. It's nice to read about summer fishing right now.