Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blood Knot- The Black Issue

I wrote a piece for Blood Knot magazine awhile back called "Night Hunter" about night fishing, and it has just come out in their Black Issue.  Be sure and check it out at

It has been edited down quite a bit, so I'll post  the complete text later, but it's still cool to see your own work in an e-zine, and the pictures are original as well.

Here's the closing shot of one of the beasts we've caught.

Pere Marquette river guide Tommy Lynch with a big one


  1. Wow, I use a similar phone & lens cloth on my bibs for ducks.

    Oh yeah: Congratulations. Love the magazine & your fish.

    1. Thanks Reverend Fowl. Not me in the photo, but interesting the universal uses for gear. Thanks for stopping by.