Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good Takes

"That's a good take".  I have a habit of saying this when I hook up on a trout.  From the moment I started this blog I envisioned doing a series of interviews.  I would call it "Good Takes".  I started this tradition with my interview of Brian Kozminski, one of my favorite interviews of all time.

I've recently attended the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo and interviewed seven individuals, each with their own place in this world of fly fishing.  I want to introduce them to you here.  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing their interveiws- each have their own unique story to tell, please listen.

Cameron Mortenson putting it together

Lou Burhart, bamboo artist extraordinaire...

Cameron Mortenson will give us the inside scoop on The Fiberglass Manifesto

Lou Burhart let me cast his beautiful works of art, and filled me in on his artistry and love of bamboo.

Eric Stroup shows how it's done
Shane Gray puts one together

Eric Stroup may be the Grand Master of this world.  His interview is brief, to the point, and exciting.

Shane Gray allowed me into the world of fiberglass rod building.  His rods are a dream to cast.  Stay tuned.

Mike Schmidt, tier extraordinaire
Mike Schmidt is perhaps my favorite tier out there.  He gives some keen insights into what it takes to tie a great streamer.

April gives us some insight on her life

Ah, April.  How do you not love April?  Turns out, she really is the girl next door who loves to fly fish.  She fills us in on what it means to go Ape.

Kelly Neuman dishes on the East Side

Finally, Au Sable river guide Kelly Neuman delivers a fascinating account of life and fishing success on one of Michigan's most heavily used and fished streams.


  1. looking forward to reading the interviews, especially you know who.

  2. Let's get this party started!