Monday, March 12, 2012

Hawgeye- A Book Review

Chris Weston is an author from Northern Michigan.  While he has been writing for nearly 20 years, his children's book "Hawgeye" is his first published book.  Chris has won the Michigan Hemingway Society Short Story Contest with his story "The River's Best", and this book has been given a seal of approval by the Dove Foundation.

Hawgeye-  A Book Review

A young boy named Billy loves to fish.  His father doesn’t have time to  fish with him, so Billy rides his bike into town whenever he can to fish the local reservoir.  In the course of this short little book, a dream comes true, he reconnects with his father, and gains a mentor.

Hawgeye was written by Michigan author Chris W. Weston.  It is a delightful tale of childhood and adventure, and the simple pleasures of growing up in a rural small town.  While written primarily for kids 8-12, it struck a chord with me for it mirrored so much of my own childhood- a busy father who rarely took me fishing, riding my bike to town with my rod across my handlebars after I had finished my chores, standing at the local sporting goods shop lusting after gear and lures I couldn’t afford.  My first walleye was about the same size as Billy’s in the story.  Billy finds a fishing mentor in the end (I think that’s safe to say this without giving away too much) and I too had a few older friends who took an interest in me and took me fishing, showing me the ropes, and introducing me to new and exciting angling adventures.

Parents- if your kids are interested in the outdoors, or even just a summer adventure, this is an excellent book.  In a world in which our kids are growing up way too fast and spend too much time surrounded by electronica (if you can't peel them away to read, each book includes a code for a free download of the e-version), Hawgeye captures that childhood sense of adventure and wonder in a simpler setting and time- the summertime joys of a bicycle, a worm on a hook, and the freedom to be a child.

Go to Chris' website for a biography, links to buy Hawgeye, read more reviews, or keep up with his latest:

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  1. Jason,

    Great post. I remember riding my bike down to the lake with my rod across the handle bars or in a backpack. Fishing those days when every trip was something new and learning the whole time. Gills, bass, rockbass, crappie, maybe a walley or a Pike. It was great!