Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee- March 26, 2012

Aaaauuuuuugggghhhppphhhhh.  Yaaaaaawwwwn stretch, scratch, repeat.  I hate waking up tired on a Monday.  When you have to go back to work to get some rest it's a problem.  This calls for a serious amount of coffee, so let's have some.  Drink it black or not at all.

It's been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon.... wait, wrong monologue.  It has been a busy week here at Fontinalis Rising.  The big news last week was the arrival of the March heat, with 80+ degree days for most of the week, and thunderstorms at the end.  Everything here is a month early- the birds are back, I got bit by a mosquito last weekend, the trees are budding, and down near Traverse City some of the cherry trees are starting to bloom.  With 5  more weeks of frost danger, this is not a good thing.  Yesterday the temperatures plunged 20 degrees while fishing, a welcome return to normalcy.

I fished a lot this last week, heading out after steelhead several times after work.  The fish are there, but you'll have to work for them, and a lot of the rivers are high and dirty from combined run-off and rainfall.  I look for the runs in Northern Michigan to peak over the next two weeks.  Inside info from the DNR is that they fear the smelt run will happen before the season opens April 1.

Speaking of April 1.  Michigan anglers- make sure you get your new fishing license this week if you're heading out, as your old one expires on this coming Saturday.  I got mine this weekend.  It's orange this year.

it's license time

I received a pair of Redington Sonic Pro zip-front waders to test and review and I already have four trips on them.  My initial impressions are positive and I'll post an overview of them this week, and then do a more exhaustive review after beating on them for a couple of months.  They have already gotten a taste of my Michigan fishing- bushwhacking through thick brush up and down high banks deep in the backcountry.  I hiked about six miles in them yesterday.  Kirk Werner keeps telling me that a gentleman my age will find the front zipper very handy-  I'm not sure how old he thinks I am, but it is nice for getting at my keys.

Scott and Melissa Smith of Eternal Outdoors at the
TC show. You'll be hearing about them later on.
I attended the Traverse City Hunting and Fishing Show on Saturday.  I'm not sure why- I'm still sorting through the massive pile of material I have from the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo two weeks ago.  The TC show was fun, and I met some great people there, including Michigan taxidermist Paul Borkowski and a couple of local gear manufacturers with great products which I'll be sharing over time, and even have a review or two to do now.

I continue to be snake-bit in the steelhead department.  I had a decent buck all the way to the net before losing it while fishing with Au Sable river guide Kevin Foerster this week.  Then I had one on briefly yesterday while fishing with Alex Cerveniak.  I had one on briefly Wednesday night while indie fishing, but when I went to set the hook I hit the tree limbs overhead, which subsequently wound my line through cedar needles.  One silver flash was all I got.  I've got to get this monkey off my back.  Alex says I jinxed it yesterday by catching a brook trout right away.  Maybe I jinxed myself by taking on the nom de plume Fontinalis.

If you haven't already, be sure you read my interview of tyer Mike Schmidt and enter to win some of his streamers- entry deadline is Wednesday at midnight.  I'll be posting my interview of Pennsylvania author and guide Eric Stroup on Wednesday, and I have a signed copy of his book "River Pimp" to give away, so don't miss it.

As always, this post is running long and I have to run out the door to work.  Let's get after it.

lots of fishing this week. no fish.


  1. Well done! Except for the landing of said fish. But when you get to fish on a steelhead river and hook up, it's really never that bad! Dare I say, Garrison Keillor would be proud!

    1. I'll get one this week. It's just getting started. Maybe I can be Garrison's protege.

  2. I must admit, that you are looking a little tired there, FR! But, kudos for getting it all done...just watch out for burn out! Great interview with Schmidt! And don't worry about Kirk...he is just trying to find a posse...haha.

    1. It was a long week- fishing every day after work until dark, then a long day spent talking to people at the show. I had to go to work to get some rest.