Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee- Bamboo Edition

Auu]]][[[ghh-ppphhhh#@!  Translate that into Spanish. Yawn, stretch, scratch and sniff. It's Monday. With the Fall River bamboo firmly in residence, I thought I'd strum that accordion a little more. Let's have some coffee.

Schultzy and Katie. Who's hair is longer? (Katies, but not by much)

This last week was quite the week for FR. I had to go downstate Tuesday on business, and wrapped it up in short order. This left me time to swing over to Schultz Outfitters in Ypsilanti, on the beautiful but low Huron River. The shop was occupied by the lovely and talented Katie Hambone Ferner. (In todays world of political correctness I must state that Mike Schultz is also lovely and talented, though his wife begs to differ.) I have suggested the French "Jambon" as an alternate nickname for Katie. Katie is an Alaska guide I'll have you know, currently way-laid by a shoulder injury. She seems to have found a home at Schultz Outfitters. I was told he had a guide trip, but as it happened, Schultzy was in the house, and we got to talk a bit. Katie and Schultzy helped me wade through their impressive inventory of tying materials, and would you believe they had everything on my list? A first in my experience- there's so many thousands of materials out there, that no one shop or outlet ever has exactly everything you need. Serendipity.

Then through the combined miracles of cell phones and Facebook I found out that Lou Burhart, bamboo rod builder extraordinaire was on his way, and so I hung out for a couple of more hours. Lou is a character, a cad and a card in that order, and a hoot to hang out with. We talked awhile, he gave me a Brack Hill Tackle combat cap, and we parted ways. It was nice hanging out with Schultzy and Katie, telling stories, seeing the photos from Mikes hot-off-the-presses trip to Michigan's far-western UP for monster smallmouth (and some MONSTER pike), to shop leisurely for stuff I may not need until next summer (what was I thinking? but at least I'm prepared).

The moment I left Schultz's I made a phone call to Becca Schlaff. "I'm on my way". She had told me some time ago that I should see her studio, and I'm glad I did. Becca is an amazing artist. Period. That said, I felt like a bit of a heel- I had contacted her ten days before saying that I might be down, but failed to follow up with definite information. To her credit she accommodated me last minute, and I'm so grateful. I got some amazing new insights into her work, and though I've been a big fan of Becca since first meeting her, to see her work space, and to be able to spend some actual time with her and her work gave me new insights. Thanks again Becca.

Becca in studio, mit Hund

That was Tuesday. Let's see, nothing happened Wednesday. Nothing happened Thursday. Oh, Friday I got notice that the bamboo rod from Fall River Fly Rods was here. Nothing gets your attention like that. I slept fitfully Friday night I can tell you.

Saturday I awoke to an ugly radar screen and a full plate at home. I picked up the rod not long after the Post Office opened, but billowing winds and gray skies discouraged me from heading out straight-aways. I got a good nap in, and the ensuing outing I posted yesterday. Scroll down and read it.

I took it out again yesterday up to the UP, with considerably worse results. The rod was superb, but the fishing stunk. It was scenic, remote, with lots of waterfalls and requisite scenery, sans fish. I caught one small fish, saw some real dingers, but hey, you'd be a big fish if you were the only one in a mile of river.

I do have some cool outings in the coming week, so stay tuned. Wednesday I'll be fishing some very exclusive water on the Boyne River, and on the weekend I'll be fishing the North Branch Au Sable, perhaps with tying great Mike Schmidt of Angler's Choice Flies. I owe him money, so we'll see how this goes.

Okay, coffee is done and gone. Gone I tell you. Let's get on with it. Oops.

Let's get after it, my friends.



  1. Don't we meet the most interesting people? I love the people that fall out of the sky into our laps. I like a little catch up post now and again. You do it well my friend.

    1. Thanks again Howard for always being so encouraging. Blogging has indeed opened up worlds for me. I see you got to meet Joe- right on!

  2. I am now properly stretched and ready for the week...a day late, but who's counting.

    I'm with Howard, fun to meet the people that make up this motley crew of a fly fishing community...always interesting and hardly ever a dull moment.

    glad you were able to get on the water, despite the lack of catching...could be worse.

    Have a good one!