Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee- July 30

Well, I'll have to keep this short and sweet. Yawn, stretch yada....

My plans last week got screwed up by weather, but the rain and cooler temps were a welcome relief, and with nearly an inch of rain on top of what we got the week before, river levels have stabilized a bit and water temps have come back down. Northern Michigan is again having cool nights so the fish and fishing should improve.

Mike and brotha John
I had planned on hitting the North Branch Au Sable river this weekend with the Fall River bamboo. Early in the week I heard that Mike Schmidt of Angler's Choice Flies was possibly going to be up to fish the trico hatch on the North Branch and we might be able to fish together. This scenario actually  played out, minus the tricos.  I camped with Mike and his brother John, we fished and hung out. It was a great time. Mike got his brother John into a few fish first thing in the morning on olives, but the tricos never showed up (it was too cold) and being post-front the fishing was tough all day. Still, it was a beautiful day, we caught a handful of gorgeous fish, and it was nice to cast on a wide-open river and stretch the bamboo a little.

my token N. Branch fish
With the continued chill Sunday morning Mike decided to make the long drive home early. I decided to drive north to one of my brook trout streams and see if I could do any better. Being the second day post front, the morning warmed a lot faster. I got into a pod of about 20 fish feeding on emergers right off. I hooked up on several, but was fishing a size 24 BWO emerger and couldn't stay pinned. Not long after this the tricos started in earnest. Not a blanket hatch, but enough to bring out almost every fish in the river. I didn't have any actual trico flies with me, but made do with some black midges and landed about a dozen fish. When the tricos quit so did the fish, so I drove to another spot, ate lunch and then fished hoppers. I caught fish for the rest of the day. No monsters, just a couple dozen more beautiful little brookies that destroyed several of my hoppers before the day was over.

dinking around at camp

The weekend was a dirtbag classic, I had a great time fishing with Mike and company, and I hope we get to do it again some time.

Okay, I've got to run. Enjoy your week, and fish if you get the chance.

Let's get after it.

this guy took the "Best Dressed" category


  1. Another great write up! The rod is looking good! Can't wait for my turn.