Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee- Mid-Winter in April Edition

Aaauuppgghh!! Yawn, stretch, scratch, repeat. Let's have some coffee.

Unfortunately I have bad news to share. Apparentlly spring has suffered some godawful accident and died, slowly, deliberately, and by Gollum's own hands. Winter has been forced to step up, step in, and keep the show on the road. You know what I mean. We must have weather, right? It isn't right for it to ask us what it has in its nasty pocketses.

So nothing has changed much here, especially the frickin' weather, and it's getting old. Tom Hazelton came and fished with me all weekend and we caught nothing. Not only that, but there are no beds, no fish, and nothing to share. The woods and skies are full of snow, the wind is cold, and the long days now only remind you how awful winter can be. Sure, the birds are back, but they are just another bitter reminder of what could have been, and when we start finding their dead carcasses on the drifts I'm sure we'll realize how bad life is.

So all I have to share are pictures of Tom.

This is Tom hiking in on the snow. At this point he is still happy and optimistic.

This is Tom fishing a hole. At this point I would say he is still content and satisfied

This is Tom fishing another hole. At this point he's probably a little over it by now.

This is Tom on a completely different river at a moment when snow was not blowing directly down our necks. At this point we are sick of winter.

This is Tom wading to sh.ore after fishing the mouth of the Boyne River. At this point his hands do not smell of fish.

This is Tom so bored he's casting off a dock. At this point we are just wasting time.

We wrapped it up shortly thereafter and called it a weekend. Honestly, I had a great time, we got lots of exercise, I worked on my indie technique and we drank some brews, watched some fly fishing videos, ate some good hearty meals (okay, I was the cook, but hey, I know good food when I eat it) and otherwise were guys for a weekend. The fact that the fishing stank had no bearing on whether we enjoyed our weekend.

At least that is what we will keep telling ourselves.

Things can only improve, so let's get after it.

Oh yeah, there was this jackass.


  1. It will come, and it will be Epic, like Homer, not lame like Ron Burgundy.

  2. Once again, the Pennsylvania Furball was wrong.

  3. Hey that was no jackass! But good pic of your friend anyway.

  4. I just started reading you blog. We you guys standing out in front of Sante in Boyne City on Sunday? I think it was Sunday. My wife and I were having lunch at Sante; as we were walking out, there were two guys in waders standing there. I almost asked how the fishing was, but you did look a little dejected.

    Oh, and really gorgeou brookie in '11.

  5. Sorry, "were you guys" not "we you guys".

  6. Hang in there! Of course this side of the planet we have no idea what you are on about :) Snow is that stuff we see on the tops of the mountains. There is some up there now. That makes it winter here.