Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mon. . . er Tuesday Morning Coffee- July 9 2013

Auuuuhuuurgghhhuuughh! Yawn, stretch, scratch, repeat. Is it Monday already? It's TUESDAY you say?? Has the holiday weekend really come and gone? Yes?

Must be time for coffee then. Let me pour you a cup. What? You need cream and sugar? GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! Oh, kidding. What kind of host would I be? Let me put some Folgers on for you while I sip my French press brew.

Well, I got to enjoy a nice long 4 day holiday weekend with no side work and nothing to do but tidy up my house and go fishing. Guess what didn't get done? I did catch some fish though.  And I may have installed some blinds on my windows. The domestication continues.

I've decided to take up running. My girlfriend suggested we run the Boyne City Independence Day Run which is 2 miles. I did a couple practice runs in the days ahead, and finished the race without a break or walking, so I was pretty pleased with that. Neither of us felt like staying up for fireworks, so I don't have any great pics of that to share. I've been wanting to find a good way to work out without the tedium of a gym, or calisthenics at home, when it struck me like a gong going off in my head- for the price of some shoes, shorts and a couple of shirts I can just leave my front stoop and exercise til I puke. Too early for that? Sorry. Anyhow, I intend to keep running. No big plans; I just like the egalitarianist feel of going out my door and being able to go anywhere. And get fit along the way. Maybe.
not bad for my first run. 7 out of 21

But I did do some fishing, starting on Friday. I met good friend and Isle Royale trip alumnus Chris Reister for some flats fishing in the Straits. I hate to say that the fishing was very slow and tedious, but it still was fantastic. We landed a dozen bass and two carp, both our personal best. Chris is a fantastic guy to spend a day on the water, a real salt-of-the-earth type, and a fine fisherman too. We had a great time.
what a pig. Big fish too
Chris with his fish. The hats are necessary to combat the deer flies.

The next day I went out in the morning for brook trout. It took me awhile to figure out what they wanted. What they wanted was a Royal Coachman style stimulator complete with rubber legs. Once I got this worked out I caught nice fish consistently. I lost several good fish including a 10", 11" and 12" at my waders only to discover my fly was barbless. It must be time to get a net again. I don't know why, but  a net always feels like I'm cheating now, like I haven't put in the work to properly land a fish. It feels like a shortcut. I may have to get over that. Keep in mind that I don't even net my steelhead, and that my biggest brown ever (28" and 9 lbs.) was landed by hand. This could turn into another piece of writing. "To Net or Not to Net?" Hmmmmmm.....
decent brookie from the weekend
Traffic was incredible up here this weekend, a good sign that the economy has recovered for at least the time being. It makes commuting and getting around town an arduous chore, but it sure beats those bad years. Make sure you come up if you can and enjoy a little of the Up North experience, whatever that means to you.
Chris with a decent bass from Saturday

What's hot? Well, the Hex hatch is peaking right now on the Tip of the Mitt streams and should taper off rapidly. The good terrestrial bite I experienced this weekend means that hopper fishing will be good now. Carp fishing in my area will be red hot for several weeks yet. Mousing should be started in earnest, and don't tell anyone, but I got into a brief Trico spinner fall the other morning. Basically just throw your gear in the car and come north- You can't go wrong.

Michigan Fly Fishing Festival- Boyne Outfitters will be hosting the Michigan Fly Fishing Festival July 20, 21 at Boyne Mountain in Boyne Falls MI. If you're going to be up that weekend make sure you swing by. Besides the usual big players I see that Becca Schlaff Fine Art, Willow Classic Reels, Great Lakes Fly Fishing, Alder Creek Rods, and Boyne Bamboo among others. They'll have live music and BBQ, casting clinics and competitions, and even a single fly contest on their trout pond. I'll be there when I'm not on a run at the Bear River Crawl, so be sure and stop by and check out all that is good. I'm going to do a post on this in the next couple of days as I think it's going to be a good event.

Well, it's getting late, the coffee is almost done, and it's TUESDAY for crying out loud- Let's get after it!!

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