Friday, September 6, 2013

The Life of Bloggers

You may have noticed I'm a little backed up in my posting. Busy busy. Nonetheless, it has been a fantastic summer of fishing and I'm going to try to leak these posts out to let you know how the summer went. JT/FR

no beers were harmed in the making of this post

 Not as in "aw shucks", but as in the shed exoskeleton of hatching mayflies. The mayfly in question being Hexagenia limbata. Several emerged in the mid-morning sun as if to add punctuation to this point, and later, a lone female was laying her eggs on the oily surface.

This wasn't a great sign. Brook trout are pretty aggressive and love to feed mid-day, but fishing on the cusp of  a Hex emergence. . . well, it certainly puts Hex on your fishing. I normally wouldn't have minded. This is my favorite river in Michigan and perhaps the best brook trout river in the state. But I was under a bit of pressure, as I had with me Cameron Mortenson of The Fiberglass Manifesto and Christian Horgren of Fine Tackle- he's a glass rod builder of course, and from Sweden no less.

how the sausage gets made

I won't bore you with how hard we worked or how slow the fishing was. I caught the big fish of the day, all of 8 inches. We caught numerous small fish, and we rolled fish everywhere I said we should with a couple minor exceptions. Cameron is like an old friend to me now, and one of the great mentors to this blog, and Christian reminded me of all my European friends- friendly, competent, more worldly than most Americans, but not in a bad way.

Christian with a scrappy brook trout on the line

In the end it was a great day. The fish were small but gorgeous; we laughed, shared a couple beers, took pictures and did what bloggers do. Cameron took product photos (he was testing the Redington Butter Stick for a review) and I did my best to put them on fish. I do have my pride. This piece of river regularly gives up 12" to 16" brook trout for me but none were in evidence this day. In the end all we had were gorgeous fish, great friendship, and great scenery.

And thus is the life of bloggers.

Cameron and Christian racing to catch a plane- Up North style

Keep up with all that is cool in fly fishing at The Fiberglass Manifesto and be sure and check out Christian's beautiful glass rods at his Fine Tackle blog.

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