Friday, November 8, 2013

5D5R5GL: No Sleep Till Buffalo

I still haven't resolved the formatting issues as a result if using the Blogger app. If this post looks funny on your computer try reading it on your smart phone or other mobile device. 

Another day another 5 hours of sleep. I'm going to have to go home just to get some rest. I met artist Richard C. Harrington last night and we talked at length. He talks like a soul-surfer except everything he says makes complete sense. I think I found a guru. He's invited me to his compound as long as I give him my fly rods, you know, for the Foundation. He reminds me of Obi-wan Kenobe only more enigmatic. 

We stayed at some campground in PA that had been overrun by guys who are on The Drake forum and everyone introduced themselves by their forum handle which means I felt pretty out of place since I'm not on the forum. I met Chrome1, HamrHed, Mouthbrthr, and MlyLuvr whatever that means. In person they were guys from New York and North Carolina, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. I don't think there was a bad guy in the bunch. 

I also met Dave Hosler of the Pile Cast blog and Matt Dunn of Fishbeer so the blogger community was well represented. 

We're off to fish the Niagara River since all the other rivers are blown to hell and gone. Hopefully today will bring some fish. 

Tonight I'm going to get some sleep if it's the last thing I do. 

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