Sunday, December 15, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee- December 16

Ya- awn. Stre-Etch. Scrrr. Hey, what's going on? MMC two weeks in a row? I don't believe that.

Neither do you apparently, so let's have some coffee.

Okay, so last week went off without a hitch. I did MMC, pimped myself in a mag and gave away some stickers. What's not to love?

Thanks for all your response to my sticker giveaway. My writing hand has new muscles. I had to go on an IV drip to keep licking envelopes. The bad news is I'm out of color stickers already. My apologies to those of you getting the black and white version. They're not bad looking, they're just not vibrant brook trout print. The first batch of 70 stickers went out in the mail today and I'll keep sending them to whoever wants them. I mailed stickers to half the states in the Union and even to New Zealand. 

This winter has started out way too serious way too quickly. To ward off its pernicious influence I am working on a series of posts on summer fishing. I have already written several posts about mousing, so look for the first installment later this week. 

I realize I am late getting MMC up, but I put my back out this weekend and have spent my day in agony.  That's my story anyway. I'm going to put the finishing touches on my first mousing post so I'll cut this short. 

Have a great week.

Let's get after it. 

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