Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee- December 8

Yaaauuuuggghhppphhhttt!! Yawn, stretch, scratch, repeat. It's Monday once again, it's cold out and I have to dash out the door in a few minutes to run off to that nightmarish hell I call work. So let's have some coffee.

"What the what?" you say? "Is Monday Morning Coffee back?"

The answer is yes. For, you see, I wrote a novel last month, and now I know I have no excuse. The novel is over 51,000 words, which is about as many as you can find in this entire blog. Give or take. Please bear with me over the next couple of months, I'm going to be a complete pain in the rear. At every occasion possible I'm going to casually say "Well you know, I wrote a novel in November." I'll get over it eventually.

The conversations will go something like this.

You: "I hear there's another snow storm coming."

Me: "Well in November when I was writing my novel. . ."


You: "My mother is extremely ill. The doctor says she doesn't have long."

Me: "Does she like to read? I'll send her a manuscript of the novel I wrote in November."


You: "Mr. Tucker, what do you do for a living?"

Me: "I'm a novelist, officer."

Your patience is appreciated.

The upside is that now I have a book to pimp. The downside is that now I know how lazy I have been. If I can crank out that kind of volume in a month, there's no reason for me not to do MMC each week plus a couple of blog posts per week, work on some magazine articles and finish my FR book.

The reptilian part of my brain just remembered that this is a fly fishing blog, and I'm sure you're wondering what is happening on the fishing front. The answer is nothing. Nada. Jack squat. Did I mention I wrote a novel?

We are experiencing the coldest, earliest winter in recent memory and it has completely crushed my will to fish. I was shooting for a solid 100 days on the water  this year (check the Jealousy Counter to the right). Ain't gonna happen. I'll get out a little more yet, but we're having 20 degree days this week, which puts a deep crimp on the fishing. It has been so cold that I saw guys ice fishing in November. I don't remember there ever being fishable ice in November here before.  I might ice fish this year, or maybe just tie flies.

So I wrote a novel, it's cold and the fishing is slow. I do have a lot of stories and photos that never made the light of day from the summer, so maybe if I share some of those it will take us to our happy place. I have a couple of rod reviews to get done, and eventually I'll have to bundle up and go fishing. I just don't want to rush it. I'm designing a bigger better tying desk for my living room and hope to start building that after the first of the year.

Saturday I traveled with Alex Cerveniak to the Great Lakes Council Federation of Fly Fishers Fly Tying Expo Invitational 2013 down in Holt Michigan. It was a good time. I got to meet some folks and see a lot of you, my friends. I appreciate all your support and encouragement. I enjoyed seeing your creations. My only beef is that the name of the show is a bit clunky. My fingers cramped typing it. We need to rename it, something snappy, something that sings. Snapfly or Tie-o-Rama, you  know, something original. The current name sounds like the place fly tyers go to be judged and sentenced.

One of my favorite people at the show is Matt Zudweg. He's a Michigan guide and tyer and all around good guy. This summer he designed some very cool brook trout print FR stickers and I've given out something like six of them. Some time this month I'm going to give them all away, so stay tuned.

Well, I can hear the wind whipping up out there on the tundra and it's time to dig out my car. Have a great week in whatever tropical paradise you happen to live in while you're fishing for rooster fish or peacock bass or whatever it is you fish for.

Let's get after it.

Here's some pics from the show. 

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