Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Great FR Sticker Giveaway

This summer I ordered several hundred stickers to rep my blog.

Then I did nothing with them.

I still have them.

They are doing me no good.

I'm giving them all away.

Okay, so I had my local print shop print up a few hundred black and white oval stickers. Then I got a hold of Matt Zudweg of Boneyard Fly Gear. Matt is a fantastic southwest Michigan guide and fly tyer, but he has a background in graphic design.

This is Mr. Zudweg

This is a fish caught recently by one of his clients on the fly he is holding above. It is an 18 pound steelhead.

Matt came up with the following design.

I've handed out a few stickers to close friends, but have sat on the rest. Now I know a lot of bloggers and shops etc. sell these things for a  few bucks, but I can guarantee you  that no one is making a mint off them. Since their real purpose is to promote my blog I'm going to give what I have away.

So here's the rules:  Enter your information in the form. I'll send you a sticker. I have 60-70 full color stickers left, after that I'll be handing out the black and white ones. First come, first served, and the giveaway ends Dec. 31.

If you'd like to book a trip with Matt click on the following:

If you are interested in his art and design work go here:


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