Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee- Winter Blues Edition

Aauucchhhtthhppphhhtttt! Yawn, stretch, scratch repeat- it's Monday again isn't it?

I stumble out of bed slowly. The constant rumble of my furnace running all night told me all I needed to know about the weather. Still, I look outside and mumble an epithet at the two inches of fresh snow on top of the foot or more we got over the weekend. 

This blog is less about fly fishing, more of an endless rant about the weather. It warmed up just enough Friday to dump over a foot of snow (again) before dropping back to single digit temps. There's four feet of snow in my yard and the snow banks are starting to resemble mountain ranges. The drift at the end of Walloon Lake next to the road is ten feet high. Businesses and municipalities are starting to run out of places to put it. In spots you can't see the road until you pull out in it. 

I did manage to organize my fly tying stuff last week. I put my old computer desk back together to use as a tying station and bought a bunch of plastic bins to sort my materials into. It's far too harsh out to consider fishing; most if my streams have frozen over solid, so I'll focus on fly tying. 

I have received another invitation to tie with the Mayfly Club Friday. It's at a secret location code named Gobbler's Knob so I'll have to see what that's all about. 

In related news my friend Alex Cerveniak has just purchased a drift boat and if it gets into the mid-twenties this weekend we plan to take it for its maiden voyage on the Holy Waters. Friends with drift boats are the best kind of friends. 

That's all I know this week, and the coffee is gone. Tune in Wednesday to see who won the FR calendar give away. You still have until midnight tomorrow to enter. I'll also post my next installment in the Mousing 101 series. 

It's time to go to work. Let's get after it. 

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