Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mousing 101- Zack Ties a Mouse

Those cute little mice you see in fly shops tied from deer hair, with whiskers and ears and wee little eyes? Forget them. Brown trout do not care about whiskers.

Guys on the cutting edge of nighttime fly fishing are feverishly developing new and innovative mouse patterns and I aim to share them here. Take, for example, this tie by one of my friends.

Local dude and Boyne Outfitters guide Zachary Ginop is one of my favorite fly people out there. He's one of those young guys who has embraced the sport and this love has now born fruit. We fish together on a regular basis, and for some reason it is always a crazy experience. Something off the hook always seems to happen.

I keep saying that Zach is the next young gun who will get his flies into the Orvis catalog. He is a hardcore night specialist, and so I was very pleased when he shared a video of him tying a signature mouse pattern on YouTube.

Without further ado I give you-

This is a great mouse pattern, and something to consider when preparing for the summer night season. Get to it.


  1. Sick pattern! What size foam is that, 6 mm?

    1. 6mm sounds about right. I buy the thicker foam from craft stores.