Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee- March 24

Errrrgggghhhh! Yawn, stretch, scratch, sniff. Is it Monday already? Let's have some coffee. 

Yes, posting here has been a touch sparse, but with the bitterness of the winter I haven't had much fly related stuff to drone on about. 

Erick Johnson and Dave Karczynski tying at Tom Hazelton's place a few weeks back. 

That's not entirely true. I went to a bunch of tying events, mostly at friends homes. I've got two new fly lines to test from Scientific Anglers including the new Sharkwave line. I haven't finished my Mousing 101 series. I still have a review of the Sage Pike rod on tap. And I've finally gotten a couple of floats in with Alex Cerveniak, not that we had any success. I think I may need to set a writing schedule rather than just pounding something out when the mood seizes me. We'll see. 

Some new SA lines to try

The icy grip of winter is finally starting to ease a bit. There's little glimmers of hope here and there- long sunny days that set the snow and ice to melting on the roads, the occasional day in the forties and even a brief shot of rain here and there. The rivers are high and stained but the real run-off hasn't started yet. 

Meaning that the next couple of weeks will be the best early spring steelhead fishing. Then the run-off will occur. When the rivers start to drop and clear the main steelhead run will happen. In years like this with a heavy snow pack, it tends to happen fast. If you blink you'll miss it. If you fish any of the UP streams you can likely find fish the entire month of May. 

Alex Cerveniak at the launch

Well, that's all I know at the moment. Things are still kind of dull around here, but once spring hits it will get crazy fast. 

Have a great week. Let's get after it. 


  1. Please post some pictures of the flies you have tied.

    After attending the MFFC Expo earlier this month, my newest itch is getting a rotary fly dryer. Huge urge to scratch it. I want to start tying pike and musky flies. I already bought some epoxy.

    Just curious what you spend your time tying time creating.

    1. I will try to get on that shortly. Thanks for the request. I was supposed to tie at that show but had other obligations.

  2. I need some coffee. Hope you catch some big'uns. Don't blink!