Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ode to Matt Dunn

I was going to photograph that little stream on my way to work because it is so pretty the way it meanders through the willows, you know, the one that flows out of the fish hatchery and there's always people fishing it on opening day of trout season but on the downstream side of the road so they don't get in trouble, and just down the road the tom turkeys roost and I've thought of hunting them there because it is public land, but I have lots  of turkey feathers from a road-kill I found, and later found out was illegal to take, and I haven't had the desire to shoot another turkey in the face, not that I'm against turkey hunting, and especially since I found out they taste better than domestic birds and make a good pheasant tail nymph when you don't have actual pheasant tail, though I regularly do see pheasants a couple miles from here because there is a put-take ranch there near the home of my friend Steve, who is a gear guy, but a good egg and owns a nice boat and fishes at least 5 nights a week after he gets home from finishing drywall all day even though he is in his sixties now, and I swear he hasn't felt his own finger tips in thirty years because of how hard finishing drywall is, and we quit fishing together so much since I got more serious about fly fishing, so serious that I started this blog and and read other blogs, though not as much as I used to, but I did find Matt Dunn's blog called Fishbeer and he write's quite a bit like I'm writing here, but more cogent and free form, and the link I'm sharing is perhaps his best ever, and I wish he would write more. And I miss fishing with Steve.


  1. I was thinking I should take a real deep breath and try to read that sentence without taking another breath. Don't think I could. Guess I'm just a short-sentence-kind-of-guy

    1. Click on the link. Matt does it better than I do.

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  3. Fishbeer is one of my favorites for sure. Used to be a lot more active with videos and such. Thanks for sharing! More people need to read fishbeer.