Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Lunch- Because Sometimes Monday Morning Comes Way Too Soon

This Monday Morning Coffee thing can be a tough deal. If I don't start writing it on the weekend it doesn't get done. But I'm going on two weeks without sharing it, so I'm writing this on my lunch break from the job site. 

There's actually quite a lot to share. I floated with Alex Cerveniak a week ago Sunday on the Au Sable. We didn't even see a fish in nine hours of floating, but neither did anyone else. 

This dearth of fish was more than made up for by the company of John Sheets, a local fly tyer and chef. We spent the day singing bawdy versions of Elton John songs ("hold me closer Tony Danza" is one of the more repeatable lyrics) and throwing streamers until I thought my arms would fall off and my sides hurt from laughing. 

Right when I thought I couldn't take anymore, we pulled over and John cooked the best shore lunch ever- blackened steelhead with mango salsa, pine nut pilaf and fresh asparagus. Then he served freakin' cafe Americano. It made for a memorable trip even if the fish were on strike. 

The current big news is the blowout rains we received this weekend on top of our record snow pack. The rivers were already high, now they are flooded and many are unfishable. If you are going to venture out do so with caution. Expect that when the water does drop that the steelhead will go insane. Be ready for it. 

Time flies and I have to wrap this up, but I want to give a shoutout to my friends Alan Haxton and Joyce Kelley who got married Saturday at Gates Au Sable lodge. I wish you both the best and hope we get some time together on the river this year. 

Well, lunch is nearly over. I don't know about you but I could really use a cup of coffee. 

Joyce and Alan a couple weeks ago during the planning stages. 

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