Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee- April 21, 2014

Aaaauuuppphhhhfffffttttt!!!! Yawn, stretch, scratch, repeat. What a weekend. I need to go back to work just to get some rest. But first I need some coffee, and so do you.

This last week has seen the continuing struggle to break the grip of winter. I'd say we've lost 60% of our snow now, and while all the rivers remain high, some are fishable now. The signs of spring are stacking up- the fields and skies are full of geese and ducks and even cranes, resting on their migration north. I heard spring peepers for the first time last night. Every morning the morning chorus of songbirds is deafening. There's still little open water on the area lakes, but in Petoskey you can see a sliver of deep blue from Sunset Park. It won't be long now

Conditions have improved enough that I got out and caught some fish yesterday. I went 3/4 on steelhead, landing a nice buck and losing another in the morning, and landing a good hen and a skipper in the afternoon while fishing with Zach Ginop. With as cold and high as the water has been I'd say that's not a bad day.

It's hard to believe that April is almost over. What that means is that Saturday is the opening day of trout season. It is also the opening day for pike and muskie and bass. Basically, starting Saturday you can go wherever you want and fish whatever you want in the state of Michigan. It kicks off a glorious time that is all too brief. You try to plan all the different things you want to do, all the places and opportunities to fish. When September 30 rolls around you'll look back and see how much life laughed at you. But for now it is all pure possibility, a glorious season yet ahead of us. I know I'm scheming up some ideas. What are your plans?

For opening day at least I'm thinking of hitting a bunch of little creeks in search of brook trout, and leave the bigger streams to the masses. One thing to note is that the spring steelhead run has barely begun here. There are very few redds on local rivers, meaning this could make for a memorable trout opener. As the weather and water warms the fish are going to flood in and spawn in a frenzy. Steelhead should be available well into May, perhaps until Memorial day. Keep that in mind amidst your dry fly plans.

Well, that's all I  know. The coffee is gone and it's time to go to work. Have a great week. Hit the water if you can.

Let's get after it.

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