Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee- June 16

Yyaaauuuucccchhhh!! Yawn stretch, scratch, repeat. It's Monday morning, so let's have some coffee. 

I know- it has been a few weeks since I've shared MMC. My buddies are giving me grief over it. I've done my usual early summer thing and way over-booked myself with work, which makes it difficult for me to write or do much for the blog. The last two years I had booked my entire summers solid with work. Not this year. The good news is I finished my side job yesterday which should leave me free to fish and write more, and hopefully get FR back to resembling a blog. I have several good posts in the works.

I've been getting some fishing in as well. I've given up any notion of having a normal life or sleep schedule. I work and I fish. I eat and sleep occasionally. Sometimes I see my girlfriend. I was going to write about my last three outings on this post but it quickly turned into 3,000 words- way too long for Monday Morning Coffee, so what I’ll do is break it up into three posts over the next three days. Here’s a brief synopsis.

I got out flats fishing for carp and smallmouth ten days ago and had a fantastic trip. The carp bite this month has been nothing short of phenomenal and I caught a monster smallmouth.

not the monster

Then last Sunday I got to float the South Branch Au Sable River with Alex Cerveniak and Cameron Mortenson of The Fiberglass Manifesto. We fished the brown drake hatch and caught fish. Cameron made me cast glass. He didn’t have to try that hard.

Cameron hooked up on the first fish of the day

Two nights later I floated again with Alex and friend Dave Smethurst. It was another fantastic float, a night in which I felt I could do no wrong.

To sum it up- despite a tough work schedule (50+ hours/week for my job plus side work) I have gotten in some quality trips and caught some big fish. So yes, it's worth tuning in for.

one of several from the other night
Well, I'm almost out of coffee and it's time to go to work.

Let's get after it.


  1. All work and no play,,,,well you know.

    1. Yeah I know. I'm determined not to let it happen this year.

  2. Must be the key to great until you are ready to drop. Nice summary.